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The world was flat when no one understood gravity. There’s a need for human ‘psychic energy’ to be exponentially increased in order for additional forces to be recognized and understood.

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„The world was flat when no one understood gravity – when there was no explanation of how objects on the “bottom” of the Earth didn’t fall off. But while all the authorities claimed and defended this flatness, the world was, nevertheless, quite round.

The same dilemma prevails today with the Universe – it’s not the only one around. There are countless Universes all over the Megaverses; countless Megaverses around the Multiverse, but the forces that hold this all together haven’t been discovered. Human minds are depressed by the uninspiring stories of a limited and flat Universe. They’re reacting with overwhelming consumption of Earth’s resources faster than they can be replenished.

Humanity must learn of the more sacred forces which share space and time without needing to consume it. When “time” is called money, and space is “owned”,  there’s never enough of either to satisfy the senses.

This dilemma has now reached a vital sublimation point – a moment of competitive incompatibility needing immediate resolution. There’s a requirement of massive increases in energy. There’s a need for human ‘psychic energy’ to be exponentially increased in order for these additional forces to be recognized and understood. This is where the new enlightenment comes into play.

The current energy in the subconscious is beyond capacity; the emotional body is taking on the overflow, and the result is intolerance – humans are intolerant of each other’s space, and running out of time.

There’s a desperate need for the superconsciousness of the collective human mind to take on this additional pressure – the consciousness is beyond its comfort zone, it doesn’t scale to this degree.

Our prayer is that you’re willing to step up to this role of being that “force” for good, which is immediately required; that you’re able to see over the horizon of a “flat” Universe and know there’s far more beyond, and that you’re ready to share this knowledge in a form of wisdom, to relax and prevent human attitudes from demolishing the one world we currently know.”

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