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The ability to sense the historical essence of any situation.



“There’s a trace left still echoing from every event – from every vibration, and every presence in its every location. This is like the phenomenon of the faint pheromones in a bloodhound’s scent – a vibration that your senses can sense, and your intuition can glimpse.

This ability for ‘ultra-subtle’ inferences to be accurately experienced is called ‘rasa’ in ancient Sanskrit. This is the root of the term ‘rasayana’ – the ability to sense the historical essence of any situation.

In fact, all life, and definitely all physical matter, are but an ultra-high density hologram, positioned in spacetime amongst a background ‘resonance’ – known as the environment in which it dwells. It’s a complex matrix containing that which is, and the echoes of that which was, which still is, and that which is to be, which already is. Such is the relation between your identity, infinity and prosperity – all of which are interlinked at their core.

A life that has no relationship with infinity has no relationship with prosperity, or with its true identity, and is destined to struggle throughout existence until its persistence ends. All it takes is a glimmer of hope – a signal from your multi-dimensional heart center – to override the limits of your brain. Then, this vast network of echoes rushes into your open heart. This is why great cultures have always had an undying respect and connection with their ancestors who are no longer living – a real relationship with the echoes, the reverberations of vibrations that was their life in life.

Known as ‘Bhakti’, this ability to reconnect is even more powerful when used with the great masters. Connect at this Bhakti level and you’re having a personal relationship as if in the time of their life. Then, the question of: “Are you the signal, or the echo” has no relevance -both are parts of the same, a ‘Mobius strip’ continuum of ‘all-time’.

Our prayer is that you pay attention to the echoes as well as the signals of your existence; that this awareness is not limited to the dimensions of your senses, and that these sacred echoes of the great prophets vibrate in your heart to create profound moments . . . now.”

guru-singhGuru Singh



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