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The common stumbling block of the spiritual ego is withdrawing from experiences.


„Throughout the deeper aspects of spiritual evolution, the most unsuspecting attachment that binds a spiritual ego to the subtlety of conditioning is a tendency to be non-committal.

In the beginning of a journey, there is a necessity to see how a reliance on outside circumstances creates waves of human suffering. As this insight is gleaned, we are guided within ourselves to find the emotional nourishment, interconnectedness, and unwavering serenity that we truly desire.

Further along the path, as obsessions and addictions dissolve, a new frontier unfolds, inviting us to explore the same reality we’ve awaken from, but from a completely liberated perspective. Often referred to as the karmic return, we bring our expanded consciousness back into the body, mind, ego, relationships, and world as expressions of divinity in its highest form. At this level, it’s not a matter of if one has an ego, but how exquisitely ego has been integrated into their true nature. At this stage of karmic return, the common stumbling block is withdrawing from experiences or withholding throughout personal interactions, as if spiritual insight can be used to outsmart the test of time.

When entrenched in attachment, it is merely our innocent way of trying to deny a pain that overwhelms our senses. Once beyond attachment, we either dive fully into experiences and relationships in the most courageous and heart-centered way, or become spiritual ego structures that overstate cosmic truths as a way of hiding from potential pain and the inevitability of change.

In the beginning, ’all is one’ can free you from using people, places, and things as mechanisms of addiction. Further along your journey, it is a fear of becoming attached that reveals the non-committal temperament of a spiritual ego. As this realization dawns, we come to recognize the highest embodiment of mastery as a willingness to love ourselves and each other as if we only have one more breath to live.

When asleep, it is defining your worth by the actions of others that surely strips away your power. As you awaken, you discover liberation as a means through which you celebrate your divinity in every heart by placing all of your chips on the table and daring to surrender yourself to each moment – no matter the perceived risk or cost. From this space of liberated bliss, each moment is received, savored, and devoured with such ease and active engagement that a world cannot help but transform in your presence.”

Matt Kahn



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