My mind is my shelter


Suffering is a compass that guides you toward joy, ease, knowing and liberation.

„The beauty of suffering – told by every great master – is that it gives you a gauge, a compass on the dashboard of your life to guide you toward … Continue reading


We need the contribution of highly sensitive minds and hearts to pave a path for the times ahead.

„I’m a highly sensitive person. What’s the first thing you think about when I tell you that? That I must be shy and introverted? Or perhaps very emotional? Or maybe … Continue reading


Divine Timing is a natural law. Feel that inner sense of coherence.

 „Without Patience you can never understand the meaning of Divine Timing. Patience is so tricky sometimes. It is often difficult to surrender to how Life is transpiring when it’s uncomfortable. … Continue reading


Tune in to your higher self each day. Turn on the pineal gland and use the sunlight to lighten your life.

„Light is found in two forms: waves and particles. Waves are what we see and particles (photons) are invisible, but we can use them. There are photons of light throughout … Continue reading


Check in to see where your mind may be resisting your blessings.

„The mind often creates every distraction or excuse for itself not to expand, grow and receive blessings often available right under our nose. The mind does this because it senses … Continue reading


Be true to you

„There are SO many pressures in this world to conform to other people’s ways, and you may feel confused or conflicted. And as an empath, you sense other people’s feelings, … Continue reading


The angels in your life will encourage your boldest imagination and inspire the strength you require to believe in it.

„Angels and guides ride amongst the waves in the ocean of love – a calm courage in a space that’s always chaotic. Quantum Physics says this chaos initiates material reality, … Continue reading


Your open heart is the safest place you can live.

„Just as the eyes and ears receive optical and auditory information and relay it to the brain, your heart is the sensory relay that receives the information of love from … Continue reading


May your destiny be viewed not as a horizon of preferred circumstances, but as opportunities to act upon life’s most inspired choices.

„A Message to All Innocent Hearts, The difference between a lightworker and a victim has nothing to do with the situations faced, but how one responds to the circumstances at … Continue reading


Radical Trust that the Divine Flow is working.

„There have been some powerful F Words floating around my consciousness recently. Suddenly, Fortitude has become my favorite word for what I need right now. I usually will check in with … Continue reading


Become a true perfectionist by finding perfection, not by looking for imperfections.

„Every morning after we walk our dogs, two of them chase each other around the living room coffee table. It’s quite entertaining to watch these exuberant spirits tease each other, … Continue reading


Be aware that the answers to all you are seeking are within you.

Dear One, When you are in harmony with your heart’s intelligence, seeking answers to your life’s questions outside yourself will seldom be necessary. This seems impossible to you, and yet … Continue reading


Words can either be interpreted to help you feel good or perceived in a way that makes you feel bad.

„Any combination of words can either be interpreted to help you feel good or perceived in a way that makes you feel bad. The choice is always within your reach … Continue reading


„Am rămas un pictor care s-a străduit să zugrăvească oamenii așa cum sunt”. Camil Ressu – Însemnări

  „N-am avut aptitudini de om politic…Am rămas un pictor care s-a străduit să zugrăvească oamenii așa cum sunt; nu știu dacă și pe această cale am reușit să fac … Continue reading

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