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Words can either be interpreted to help you feel good or perceived in a way that makes you feel bad.

21333-bubble-musical-notes-and-heart-shaped-cloud-1920x1080-digital-art-wallpaper„Any combination of words can either be interpreted to help you feel good or perceived in a way that makes you feel bad. The choice is always within your reach to decide how anything spoken or written is a gift meant to assist in your evolution, or a chance to harm yourself with an arrangement of letters.

Even when others are hurling insults or accusations in your direction, rather than portray a character who has something to defend, why not use it as an opportunity to send blessings to humanity, as if their personal problem is really the world requesting additional healing energy for further growth and expansion?

If wondering why humanity would dress up as a person whose fear, anger, sadness, or desperation was a request for healing energy to be offered from your field, it is because you are the Universe, personified as a character, not a person disconnected from Source in any way.

From this space of Divine recognition, you don’t have to like moments of conflict, in order to appreciate it as reminders of when humanity needs your blessings the most, without having to match the vibration or qualities of those who unknowingly avoid their own unprocessed pain by hurting others.

In the new spiritual paradigm, no one else’s problem reflects any issue in you, but an opportunity to step forward in loving service by becoming the energetic solution that every heart desires. This is the power of Unity Consciousness.”

Matt Kahn



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