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The Path of a Lightworker is constant change

The Hill Path, Ville d Avray - Alfred Sisley

The Path of the Lightworker

The path of the Lightworker is constant change. When a Lightworker resists that constant change, at a fundamental level the Lightworker becomes sick or stuck.

You do not need to get rid of anything that is working in order to change. You simply need to be willing to transform and let yourself transform any area of your life that will transform, and trust that your transformation is the transformation of others.

But be willing to surrender yourself to Spirit often, on a daily basis. Be willing, when the confuion kicks in, to say „Allowed! Spirit, help me! Help me overcome this confusion. Help me overcome this recoil from life.” It may not happen instantly, but just your willing to redirect yourself back into Life will be far less painful than staying contracted.”


July and August will bring some unique Higher Frequencies and healing energies.

These allow for particularly fast changes in your inner and outer lives. They will allow fast clearings of old density too – a density detox to shed the old and level up into the next platform of being in yourself and for the planet.

These High-Frequency energies will mean many of you will feel better than ever and any Density Detoxes you experience will happen more easily (especially as you are more skilled at letting them move through you now). Take time to regularly be quiet and still for this high upgrade period to be able to work on you.

Intuition is growing stronger in the collective and so will kick in strongly for you now, IF you create space and time for it to appear and be listened to. Listen to what your intuition wants you to do/try/begin, and if it feels right to trust it, try out doing things in a new way wherever you feel supported to do so. Act on the intuition, yes, but then REFLECT on how it went (when you try out new intuitive things) and then the intuitive muscle can increase and grow. Keeping journals helps with this ‘monitoring’ process while you are deepening with intuition.

Know that there is a DENSITY DETOX occurring faster than before. It’s intense at times and shows us our Ego relationship with deep honesty. BE OK WITH THIS, and it will pass through you at lightning speed. Be upset at it or yourself, and it will stick around until you SURRENDER. The current energy wants you to surrender, so that you flow with it, detox it and return to your centre sooner. LOVE yourself (and any ego reactions you notice) through these more difficult moments, just as you would a friend who is having a hard time.

Healer Burnout is going around for many healers right now. If that is your story, it means time to rest, recharge and dial back your social and/or work schedule for a few weeks.

The highs will look and feel like:

You feeling very alive, and charged with inspired ideas, sense of purpose and new levels of maintained higher awareness. 

Divine Action/Creation (and Activism) will be strong for those in this group, and if these are your inner frequencies, you will be well supported in the outer world too.

You feeling (and sharing) an Influx of Joy, Positivity and Happiness (you may even seem odd to your friends who are not feeling this, as a result).

The lows will look and feel like:

Mental Confusion – feeling unclear and generally murky about your direction (and that of the world right now).

If you are in the lows, trust that you will ride out this period of density detox and do whatever you can to support your wellbeing.

Remind your mind: “This too shall pass”. It can help in the intense moments where your mind wants to go into victim or panic mode.

If FEAR and OVER-STIMULATION from outside information or influences draw you away from your balance, notice it, then take action to reset and clear your energy field (“I release any energies and emotions that are not mine”) and then you can return to your day reset. Be mindful of where you give your focus and how it affects your ability to be open to life.

Lee Harris



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