My mind is my shelter


Surrendering to the winds of life will carry you to your fulfillment

„There’s a Dragonfly with an English common name of “wandering glider” and “globe skimmer” (referring to its migratory behavior) it’s the new insect migration record holder. It travels over 11,000 … Continue reading


The absolute forgiveness within nature – the forgiveness that allows the failures to learn, rather than experience guilt in failure.

„Making mistakes is a sign of growth, of trying something brand new, or so unusual that you don’t recognize it. There can never be growth without trying something new – … Continue reading


See yourself in all others. Discover the unique intelligence in all creatures.

„Objective studies have shown that wolves have over two thousand different howls, with the differences being in tone, pitch, intensity and fluctuation. Domesticated dogs have these same differences in their … Continue reading


Be willing to make time.

„As human beings, we only seem to make time to do the things we already do. The belief that newer things will be done, if given more time, is often … Continue reading


Izvorul vieţii începe să funcţioneze cu adevărat abia după ce încetează cârpeala, minciuna şi moleşeala.

„Cred că, între anumite limite, suntem condamnaţi la nelinişte. Dar limitele neliniştii la care putem rezista sunt, totuşi, bine stabilite. Dacă ne interesează cum să ne ascundem în spatele unor … Continue reading


The solutions are not in opposition. Rest – not wrestle – with your unanswered questions.

„Whatever you focus on in today’s world will be accelerated, expanded, emphasized and reemphasized within the quickening that’s taking place in this time of cosmic sublimation – the Universal redshift. … Continue reading

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