Be willing to make time.

earth clock

„As human beings, we only seem to make time to do the things we already do. The belief that newer things will be done, if given more time, is often an illusion. Instead, we must be willing to make time for newer things, no matter how little time we have to do it, in order to integrate it into our daily routine. Once acted upon on a regular basis, life is able to offer us more time and space for the things we’ve chosen to do.

This is why the belief in having more time as a resolver of circumstances is self-defeating. As long as we find the time to do the things that uplift us and celebrate our passions, more time will always be given to expand such choices. This is why focus and consistency are the building blocks of co-creation in the new spiritual paradigm.

No matter how little time you may have, what newly-inspired choices will you embrace today?”


Matt Kahn