The solutions are not in opposition. Rest – not wrestle – with your unanswered questions.


„Whatever you focus on in today’s world will be accelerated, expanded, emphasized and reemphasized within the quickening that’s taking place in this time of cosmic sublimation – the Universal redshift.

This moment will either drive you madly backward, wildly forward, or force you into clearing your consciousness to ride the wave of this time into the inescapable future, bubbling with unexplainable moments. Inside this identical space (that’s currently filled with this chaos) exists an entire spectrum of alternatives – from the most absolutely divine all the way through to extreme evil, with all shades in between. This is the nature of a holographic construct – the nature of this entire material realm of the cosmos.

This is what the simplistic minds of the unevolved souls are struggling with as they produce one falsehood out of another in attempting to create stories of sanctuary and security in their religious fervor. This is “the being driven madly backwards” giving birth to the current bigoted trends of cultures in every debate – all attempting to display signs of superiority.

Those in the arms of sailing wildly forward are the ones confronting the bigotry with judgments and counter aggressions. Neither the forward nor the backward are going to resolve any stagnation that always occurs in the middle of this fight, for the solutions of proposition are not discovered in opposition.

Clearing your consciousness to ride a wave of this moment into the inescapable future is a position of significant neutrality that requires significant surrender – a surrender to the unknown, within the unanswered, within the unexplainable. Such is the acceleration of this quickening in an era of cosmic sublimation occurring throughout the Universes, in the Megaverses, within the Multiverse.

Our prayer is that you’re ready for this stretch; that you’re willing to surrender into the unknown factors, and able to rest – not wrestle – with your unanswered questions providing more questions as responses. Our prayer is that you’re adventurous and ready for the ride.”

guru-singhGuru Singh