Everyone grows old, but very few people ever grow up.

„The Earthly human social structure is currently arranged as a random version of emotional bodies interacting and reacting to the sensations from other emotional bodies.

This is not the interactive lives of conscious communities in service of each other, but the interfering lives of competition and combative self service. This is not even close to a sustainable model of life, for there’s very little compassion or consciousness involved within these interactions. The emotions are rarely harnessed as tools, but are randomly triggering each other and firing indiscriminately into the surroundings of emotional action and commotional reaction.

Adolescence is the time in a child’s life that’s set in place to retrain this process of action and reaction – that is if it’s allowed to mature properly. But currently, adolescence is not effectively parented and the Earth is suffering the consequences. The world of mass marketing is more interested in selling products to these youngsters than successfully growing them into adults.

Yogi Bhajan would often say: “Everyone grows old, but very few people ever grow up.” The result of this not growing up is a collective chaos filled with wars – currently more of them than any other time in human history.

The result of this negligence is stripping Earth’s resources in a deadly game of global competition. But this also presents an opportunity to “nip this in the bud.” The “buds” here are the children ready to grow – ready to learn the joy of serving each other, rather than competing for possession and position; learning to conserve the Earth rather than consume it.

Our prayer is that you rise up into this occasion with adult awareness; that you engage your inner adult, and grow into relationships that share the opportunities of every moment.”

Guru Singh