Ride your talent on the fields of your greatest purpose.

„Creative wakefulness is a ‘talent’ that awakens with an undeniable inspiration – it runs through your brain like ‘wild-horses’ on the boundaries of your thoughts.

In order to create actuality from this vast creative wakefulness, one must determine to ride these ‘wild-horses’ (the characteristics in your character that require harnessing) on the fields of your greatest purpose.

By treating these inspired moments as gifts (in the times when they’re gifted) allows gratitude to help this tool in processing your success. Success then becomes an inevitable guest in the home of your wakefulness – with discipline dismissing doubt, your commitment dismissing obstacles, your faith dismissing fears, and your joy enjoying the ride across the land of time.

Your psycho-emotional being sets the table for these guests of your success. It greets them at the doorway of your vulnerability – leaves the door unlocked, welcomes their love, embraces every breath and heartbeat.

When you want to change this relationship with success, you first change your relationship with value. The value of you amongst the layers of your core – the core of your physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual self. Details in this value are all the times you’ve spent, the places you’ve been, the people you’ve known, the tasks you’ve undertaken, and the quantum level too – with its invisible everythi, held in your memories. Every detail has brought you to this moment with the quantum levels in your memory creating the value.

Our prayer is that you give yourself the time each day to explore your world at this depth; that you allow the details to appear on the screen of your meditative silence, and with this clarity as your talent, you use creative wakefulness to produce even greater value – a fuller notion of who you truly are.”

Guru Singh