Highly Intuitive People – a quiet, subtle level of natural wisdom.

“Other people have a radar for highly intuitive people. They seek their knowledge, beliefs and insight into all aspects of their lives – from relationships to career paths. For the Highly Intuitive Person though, this feels like a thankless task. Unless they offer something that the person asking wants to hear, their insight is ignored, even though it turns out to be correct. When it all goes wrong, they are the ones who are there to pick up the pieces and then go through it all again. No-one hears them, no-one is there for their world; they provide the comfort, the missing pieces and the listening ear, yet they do not feel it for themselves. ”


“For the sensitive person, the building of feeling, trust and letting go, in order to experience self-faith, eventually becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. Without it, we continue to experience the world as overwhelming, emotionally painful and at times soul-destroying, as our sensitivity directs us to hide, reject and yet at the same time desire deep, meaningful connection.”


“As they’re very sensitive to energy, they see things before they occur, are very perceptive when it comes to other people, don’t suffer fools, are hyper-vigilant and can’t be bothered with polite conversations about the weather – they want to get to the juicy stuff or not bother at all.”

“This is especially difficult because our social programming has trained us to be polite, to put others first and never to express how we really feel. This builds an enormous pressure in the Intuitive-Sensitive, especially as most have a paralyzing fear of confrontation. This isn’t usually because they’re scared or nervous people – although as it affects people from all walks of life, some are – it’s because confrontation actually physically hurts them. They have to deal with their own sensory information around the confrontation and also process the emotions of the other person. If that emotion is anger, it’ll cut into something deep in their stomach region, way beyond ‘butterflies’. If it’s hurt, then they feel enormous guilt for bringing it up and upsetting the other person. For the Intuitive-Sensitive, confrontation is about bracing yourself, preparing for the energetic onslaught.”


Intuitive-Sensitivity and wisdom

Strongly perceptive wisdom is a part of the Intuitive-Sensitive’s make-up, and it’s often been present since their early years. Often mistaken as shy in childhood, the Intuitive-Sensitive Person was busy working out how others view the world, and it wasn’t long before they realized others don’t seem to share their values.

For some, this led to a feeling of emotional isolation, as their overly responsible nature sought to look after others before they were mature enough to do so. Many were called ‘mini adults’ or ‘wise babies’, but without the precocious attitude. Theirs is a quiet, subtle level of natural wisdom. Later in life, as the Intuitive-Sensitive tries to shrug off this wisdom, they often have to make compromised decisions in order to fit in. This is part of their tendency to want to ‘save’ others; to avoid like the plague any kind of judgement; and to feel safe and loved.

This compromised self survives into adulthood, especially if they’ve come from a background that taught them to value what others think over and above their own perceptions. It’s not until the shame, guilt and sense of duty is really felt that the intuitive sense starts to really knock on their inner door.
The question is why do Intuitive-Sensitives suddenly become aware of their deeper senses? I believe the brain triggers this awareness as a strong survival instinct, so the already Intuitive-Sesitive Person who has stepped up a gear once too often can protect themselves from an emotional breakdown when their overwhelmed senses become too much to bear. The `switch` happens when the Intuitive-Sensitive has had enough of feeling pushed from pillar to post. It’s an unconscious trigger that gradually becomes conscious.”


Stress and the Intuitive-Sensitive

They need honesty. Why? Well, it’s tough enough looking out for everything in the pool of life without having to deal with others’ denial and panic over the seaweed they’ve never experienced before.

A lack of honesty is what really creates a deep stress in the Intuitive-Sensitive. This is because their empathetic nature feels highly responsible for the emotions others cannot access. Their refined senses mean they’re constantly interpreting energy – they just can’t help it. They walk into a situation and live out the energy of it – they feel it in work environments, within a room, even in a new house purchase.

Yet although they experience a continuous sensory overload, Intuitive-Sensitives aren’t emotional heaps who are unable to function in life. They are made of tough stuff – they get up, dust themselves down and carry on. They can do this because of the development of faith.”

Heidi Sawyer
Highly Intuitive People