Highly Intuitive People – The feeling of ‘going home’

Claude Monet

The feeling of ‘going home’

„Every Intuitive-Sensitive I’ve come across has had a feeling inside of ‘wanting to go home’. When I’ve discussed this observation with an audience, tears stream down people’s faces, they fidget and they look around. They’re not quite sure what to do with themselves. The reason for this is that they thought this sense of ‘wanting to go home’ was something quiet, a feeling no-one else acknowledged; they believed it was only them who felt it.

For Intuitive-Sensitives, home doesn’t have a name. It isn’t a place they understand – it’s not a house or a location to move to. It’s a feeling they recognize somewhere deep inside. They’ve had some kind of experience that has given them a glimpse of this feeling, and it’s one they are keen to return to.

To an Intuitive-Sensitive, the feeling of ‘home’ is a strong motivator in life. In fact, I’d say it’s their main focus. They want and are willing to create the feeling in their life experience; they want to live rather than to exist. Their sensory perceptions, their intuition-based focus, is something they want to use positively in the physical world. Their desire for meaning, purpose and acceptance is strong enough to drive them to make a real difference, even if they’re scared.

They need and want, though, to let go of worrying about what others think – they need to figure out how to manage risk and neutralize their own misjudgements or wishful thinking. The feeling of ‘home’ offers this safety from the fear of criticism and a release from the pressure of perfection, although it’s their perfectionist nature that contributes to their empathetic gentleness.

In a world where logic is valued more highly than emotion, the feeling of ‘home’, however briefly felt at some point in an Intuitive-Sensitive’s life, has a strong foundation in their intuitive nature. The word ‘intuition’ comes from a Latin verb meaning ‘to look inside’: to internalize contemplation. To the Intuitive-Sensitive, the experience of returning ‘home’ is a feeling where the world of the personality (logic) collides with the world of emotion.”


The true self

„That universal intelligence is based in intuition – it’s the link to the unconfined, the untrainable: the level of energy that has a mind and intelligence of its own. It won’t be controlled or manipulated. The true self therefore is free flowing – it has a mind of its own and it enjoys its freedom. We experience ourselves as the true self the moment we let go of trying to control outcomes. What the Intuitive-Sensitive wants in life is to find a level of self-acceptance.”

Heidi Sawyer
Highly Intuitive People