Intuitive-Sensitive People have a kind heart

„In my experience, Intuitive-Sensitive People are as consciously unselfish as they can possibly be. They consistently seek to help others, and want to contribute in life and put their naturally caring skills to good use. They are highly perceptive, relate well to other people, and feel overly emotionally responsible for their wellbeing. Even when they’ve been through some form of physical hardship, they want to engage with something that might again put their body or emotions through overload.

But why would they do this? It’s because they have a level of empathy that absorbs like a sponge. They feel completely emotionally responsible for their environment, including a need to fix anger for other people. They are extremely uneasy with anger – a person doesn’t have to show anger outwardly for them to feel very uncomfortable.

Often this anger is either unconscious or semi-conscious for the person experiencing it, yet the Intuitive-Sensitive can feel the undertone. They can feel the energetic pressure in the person’s mind and body. This, on occasion, will be expressed through the Intuitive: they’ll suddenly have angry thoughts or feelings when previously they felt fine.

This happens in the company of other people, which is why an Intuitive-Sensitive will often feel completely exhausted when there’s an unconscious anger happening in a situation. This isn’t to say they are in any way emotionally awkward – often it’s the opposite – but they are emotionally hugely connected and enjoy engagement with others. However, they’ll come away totally drained if they have to lighten up a scenario by processing through their own emotions the unhappy thoughts of another.

In many situations the Intuitive-Sensitive Person will try their very best with people. They’ll find solutions to problems when others have failed; they’ll take care of a person’s needs as if they were their own; and they’ll sacrifice their own life as a selfless act for another.

Much of the time, though, these efforts go unrewarded. They ask for little from others, while pre-empting their needs. They start to develop an uncanny ability to predict what’s needed next – to the point of intuiting others’ lives or their healing requirements.

When they get to the point of feeling emotionally overwhelmed, though, they withdraw completely – into their own world, and away from others. This is the point at which every Sensitive individual needs recovery time. Their nervous system is now in overload, and they need to withdraw into the background in order to gather both their thoughts and their physical health. Without this withdrawal, the Intuitive-Sensitive will find that their health starts to become compromised.”


„Once the Intuitive-Sensitive feels they aren’t the only one who experiences their emotional world through their hyper-sensitive senses, finding that they have a strong desire to discover their healing and intuitive interests, they develop the ability to relax. They do this because they have a new source of love, and this love is unconditional: it’s not hard work and it doesn’t involve other people and having to process their emotional world.

This new love is the beginning of the development of unconditional kindness, and the simplest form of this to find but the hardest to achieve is unconditional kindness towards the self. This is achieved through the natural intuitive opening that the Intuitive-Sensitive begins to trigger in their life, mixed with a strong desire to heal.”

Heidi Sawyer
Highly Intuitive People