The purpose of the Indigo energy is to bring integrity back to the planet.

Odilon Redon

 ‘The purpose of the Indigo energy is to bring integrity back to the planet.

Indigo energy teaches us all to trust our gut feelings and to demand honesty and integrity from everyone. We see a world where it’s no longer possible to be lied to or manipulated, because everyone can plainly see the truth . . . and speaks up about it. These are among the blessings that the Indigo generation has come to model for us all.

When there is a truth present that’s not spoken, they are aware of it. They are always able to see through any given situation to the core dynamics. Now this is usually a very automatic process that most Indigos do not have to put any thought into. They just know when something is not right. But a lot of Indigos don’t realize how much more they could be doing with their instinct if they learned to make healthier choices—to take care of themselves better and value themselves more highly, to stop beating themselves up and start having more confidence in who they are not only as people but also as soul warriors.

The Indigos are here for one major purpose: to open our eyes to the world around us so that we can recognize the much-needed and important changes that must be made.

The Indigos shine light upon dishonesty to make us review and analyze our world, and to actually put thought into our daily actions and goals.

With a purpose on the scale of changing the face of civilization on an entire planet, though, these souls are obviously going to resonate with a much higher energy than that of most people because of the spiritual magnitude of their task.

The Indigos teach us to honor our own individuality and uniqueness. Know that you—like all of us—are exactly who you are for a Divine reason. You have an important mission that only you can fulfill. If you try to be like everyone else, you will block your mission, as well as your happiness and fulfillment.

They trust their gut feelings. They live by their inner compass.

Indigos also scan the energy of the authority figure imposing the rule to determine whether they respect the person or not. Indigos will only abide by rules if they understand and agree with them, and if the rule makers garner their respect.

The evolved Indigo radiates an abundance mentality and refuses to be held back by fear. The unaware Indigo is just angry about rules, and lashes out without a plan. These children are Heaven-sent warriors meant to wake us up to the imbalanced, impractical, outdated, and unethical aspects of modern-day life.

Since humanity is a pretty complacent species, it is no surprise that something within us had to change in order for us to collectively seek a different way of life.

They’re not going to passively allow knowledge to be transmitted to them without thinking about it, without asking detailed questions, without looking for supporting information. You’ll notice that this personality trait—the need to know why—applies to many different aspects of working with Indigos. They’re constantly asking very probing questions about the world around them.

Their purpose is to act as a mirror to help the world understand why things are the way they are. Real change in this world is going to come from us all being truly aware of what works for us and what no longer works for us. The Indigos are forcing us to take inventory of our planet and the way of life that we have created. When so much light is shed upon our day-to-day lives, we are prompted to see through it all and discover what is working for us and what no longer resonates with our modern-day desires.

Odilon Redon

In order for a true warrior spirit to survive the assimilation processes of upbringing, they must have an unbreakable spirit. Indigos epitomize this; no amount of medication or harsh discipline can take away their inherent need to question and dissect authority. As these children grow into adults, their natural ability to detect truth in their surroundings often guides them to make a difference.

As Indigos age and integrate with society, their inquisitive and sometimes stubborn ways change the elements of almost every industry they join. What is right and fair assumes priority in the view of the Indigo, and a “people before profit” strategy begins to take hold.

Although they so often feel totally out of place, time will reveal to them just how essential they are to the world. Since they tend to amplify the energy they experience, we must remember that harsh reactions will only perpetuate the negativity we may be attempting to curtail.

The Indigos empower us to question everything and not accept rules just because some perceived “authority figure” issues them.

Anger and frustration are Indigo characteristics that can seem problematic at first glance. However, health-conscious Indigos teach us that this energy can be channeled in positive ways. What are Indigos angry about? A lot of things, including corporate greed; unethical political decisions and actions; war; exploitation of people, animals, and the environment; cruelty; inequality in the economic system; and dishonesty. What are Indigos frustrated about? That other people can’t see what they clearly can (that is, corruption and the toxic path being taken) and aren’t doing anything to stop the crazy destructiveness. That people are focusing upon shallow entertainment issues, instead of what really matters.

Like warriors and superheroes, the Indigos feel that it’s their mission to teach, way-show, whistle-blow, avenge, and take charge of what’s going on in the world . . . since it’s obvious to them that most leaders are self-serving. The need to ferret out the truth is almost an obsession with Indigos, who only feel settled by understanding what’s really going on.

Spirituality can help Indigos relax and make peace with the craziness of the world.

The Indigo inner truth detector can’t be switched off or ignored. Indigos are continuously aware of the energy of truth, and they can detect instantly when the energy wavers into deception. Indigos are the embodiment of truth-seekers and truth-tellers. The truth to an Indigo is like a lava flow in a volcano, always making its way to the surface. If Indigos hold in the truth, they will erupt in a burst of anger. Better for the truth to be vented continually instead of spewed in one giant explosion.

Part of becoming an evolved Indigo is learning how to be thoughtful and kind while speaking truthfully. Indigos disrespect and dislike anyone who’s disingenuous. Indigos can feel phoniness in other people, and they won’t be phony themselves. Indigos would rather be punished than say something contrary to their feelings.

Indigos who are unevolved will act in sneaky ways to avoid getting into trouble. At the core, though, this sneaky behavior is because the Indigo is following their own inner truth. The evolved Indigo will face the situation without running away from it and speak their truth.

You know when someone is acting from a place of ego and from a place of superiority. Indigos absolutely cannot stand this energy.

Odilon Redon

As Indigos, we have a built-in guidance system. It’s very easy for us to know when we’re in a situation that’s right for us because it feels great, and it’s extra easy for us to know when we’re in a situation that’s not right because everything in us wants to run away from it. The unfortunate truth is that we have to deal with the world the way it is today, and we have to sometimes be face-to-face with exactly the type of behavior that sets us up for sadness, disappointment, and upset. On this planet, most people aren’t honest with themselves, and a lot aren’t honest with each other. They have a warped sense of what is right and what is wrong, and our fractured world is the evidence of that.

Have compassion for the people who feel that they need to talk and act like they’re better than everyone else— the people who lie, who make promises and can’t keep them—because it’s all based in insecurity. You know that if they were happy, they wouldn’t be acting that way. Instead of automatically going on the defense and feeling triggered and intimidated by this type of energy, we should realize that this is the exact energy that Indigos are here to conquer, that we’re here to shine our light on and dispel.

Indigos who haven’t yet learned about assertive communication skills can come across as abrasive, using harsh words at a loud volume. That’s because Indigos are so passionate about teaching the truths that they know about. So they feel that they have to push their opinions onto others in order to be heard.

Assertiveness means that you tell the truth in a loving and considerate way. It’s a style of communicating that is authentic and from the heart. It allows for two-way conversations, because both people feel respected and heard. The main point of assertiveness is to own your feelings in the conversation (that is, start sentences with “I feel . . .”) instead of using words that assign blame (such as “You make me feel . . .”).

Odilon Redon

The ancient philosophers Pythagoras and Paracelsus both said that our soul is made of the energy of truth and light, and that the search for, and expression of, truth is its overriding drive. Indigos certainly embody this drive for truth, even if it’s an upsetting one.

Indigos are like the drug-sniffing dogs at airports, except that Indigos can instantly sniff out toxic energy. The Indigos can be positive role models for speaking the truth and being honest and authentic with ourselves and others.

See world issues as a Divine assignment, and you’ll feel a sense of mission rather than despair. Get philosophically spiritual. This means having a belief that the physical world is an unreal illusion in which humans are asleep and dreaming of this realistic dramatic movie. As a spiritually minded person, you pray for situations instead of worrying about them. You proactively send healing love and energy to uplift others.

Be aware of what energy you’re inviting into your life, so you don’t have to constantly struggle to try to change people.  People with an edge often have troubled hearts that are closed to love.

Indigos are prone to be lone wolves. They’re more comfortable in smaller groups or one-on-one, rather than in large crowds. Indigos look for trustworthy friends who are real and honest, and who accept and love them as they are.

Indigos are more sensitive to the energy of family members than the average person. The Indigo can feel the true communication below the superficial words, because Indigos always know what the person really feels. Fakeness is never tolerated by Indigos, who consider insincerity toxic. Since a truly authentic person is rare, most Indigos experience family conflict. The Indigo feels overwhelmed with intense reactions to a family member’s insincerity. The Indigo may act out by speaking up, isolating, or turning to addictions to dissociate from the situation.

If, in the heat of upset, you did or said something that you later regret, you may harbor guilt about your actions. This can lead to feelings of shame, which is a form of self-rejection. The best way to clear your conscience is to understand the reasons behind your actions. Were you afraid? Did you feel hurt? Did the situation remind you of another painful event from your life? These insights can be gained by sitting quietly and recalling how you felt and what you were thinking in the moment. While still remaining in a quiet place, send out thoughts of forgiveness toward everyone involved.

If you are a Shy Indigo, be extra cautious about entering relationships with people who are loud and aggressive. If your gut feelings sound an alarm, listen to that warning! You have the right to say no to requests for your time and energy, especially if they don’t feel right.

Care enough about yourself and your life purpose to only hang around people who are nurturing to your soul.

Isolation is when you give up on all people, and Indigos are prone to that because they’ve endured so much disappointment. Indigos sometimes avoid others because they don’t want to be in the position of saying the truth and getting in trouble or into an argument. However, isolation will never benefit an Indigo because humans are social animals who need to be with other people. Retreats are healthy for Indigos because they’re temporary isolation. Retreat means spending time by yourself, either at your home or by traveling to a relaxing place. The solitude gives you time for reflection and insights about the patterns in your relationships. You can make decisions without the influence of others when you’re on retreat. You’ll know that it’s time for a retreat when you feel chronically irritable around other people or are confused about your true feelings. Be sure to take a notepad (paper or electronic) with you, as writing down your insights is a powerful way to discover your core truths. Ultimately, keep your heart open to meeting the right people. Never give up, because every person has flaws and something they’re working on, but there are individuals who are trustworthy and honest and open.

Indigos often feel misunderstood by others, which can lead to feelings of loneliness. You have a Divine purpose—and even if you don’t know specifically what your purpose is, it gives you hope. There’s a reason why God made you the way you are. You are spiritually perfect for your life purpose, which only you can fulfill.

Your personal job is not to change the entire world. Change what you think you can, and distance yourself from the rest.

Odilon Redon

Indigos know that the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. An Indigo won’t be fake in order to impress people. They’re willing to wait until they meet someone who appreciates them for who they are authentically.

Indigos show us how to be real, present, and authentic, seeking out and enjoying healthy, honest relationships.

Indigos teach us to be authentic in our relationships and also in our work. So many exciting businesses, inventions, and careers are being launched right now by Indigos who refuse to conform or comply!
Indigos are possibility thinkers. They look for solutions instead of being bummed out about the problem. Indigos teach us that our work needs to reflect our values. There is no need to compromise your beliefs to earn a paycheck.

Everyone can manifest, but the high spiritual vibration of Indigos allows them to make changes and attract new situations and solutions to problems more swiftly.
One of the most amazing things that any Indigo can learn to experience is the true power of their being. When an Indigo can muster the strength and the discipline to break the negative cycles in their life through their thoughts, through the power of their intention, miracles of manifestation are possible. Heaven did not send the Indigo here with an inquisitive and rebellious nature just so we could deal with the disciplinary consequences that inevitably follow. We were also sent here with a set of tools. We were sent here with heightened abilities in order to bring about the changes that we know need to come to this planet. And we can all tap into this Indigo Power. The best way to learn the true power of being Indigo is to actually practice putting these principles into action in your own life.

If you spend your time being excited about what you wish for, excited about what your body knows is right for you in this world—even if you don’t know exactly what you want to do or where you want to be—you have no idea what your life may be like one year, two years, five years from now.

If we can get past our societal expectations a bit, realize the world is changing and we must evolve with it, we can help usher in the most powerful generation this planet has known. When the Indigos have completed their task and awakened us to the truth—that we as humans were meant to live happy, balanced lives—the work of the angels and Heaven will be ever present in our day-to-day lives, paving the way for lasting peace.

The Indigos teach us that sensitivity is a gift, which includes the blessing of being able to feel the presence of God, Jesus, and the angels. They also highlight the innate spiritual abilities we can all activate.

The Indigo Children are here as mirrors. They are here to throw our rules back in our faces. They are here to see through the lies, because one notable quality about Indigo Children is they have built-in truth detectors. Not only do they know when you are lying to them, but they also know when you are lying to yourself. And it’s almost impossible to keep an Indigo Child happy if you yourself are denying the unhappiness that exists in your life. If you think about it, breaking through the complacency should be rejoiced (as frustrating as that can be from a parental standpoint). They want us to actually think about our world, not just be born into it, assimilate into it, complain about it when we have an opportunity, but spend the rest of our lives perpetuating it simply because that’s “what is done.” And it’s not to say that every aspect of our modern-day society needs changing, but some parts are outdated; some parts are based in fear.

There are aspects of our world that cause people to believe that the only way they can achieve any sort of happiness or success is to take it from others—whether that be via a competitive, corporate-ladder-climbing mind-set or via outright theft and violence and victimizing other people. So when you’ve heard an Indigo talk about the things that make them unhappy, how many times have you ever stopped and thought about it? You see, even if we consider ourselves enlightened caretakers of these new children, it’s still all too easy to fall into the programmed tradition of expecting obedience, expecting unquestioning adherence to the rules and the policies we impose upon them, and that they then just go about their daily lives.

What indigoes do is for the sake of helping those who impose the rules to understand the rules.

Since the Indigos are sensitive enough to know that the adults and the caretakers who are imposing and enforcing these rules aren’t happy themselves, the Indigos can’t take them seriously. They can’t respect someone who’s not honest with themselves. If you’re living a life your soul doesn’t believe in, and you’re offering advice to an Indigo to help them follow in your footsteps, you’re not going to have very much success.

The Indigo Children were sent here as spiritual warriors to help us redesign every aspect of our world. They are here to help open our eyes to the truth of the world around us. If you think about their energy, you’ll understand that they’re perfectly designed, they’re perfectly soul-contracted, to bring the exact change we desire.

They are also highly sensitive and intuitive. Even though they seem to come across as hardened and tough, an Indigo is actually a very sensitive and delicate being. Oftentimes, a person is so sensitive that they put on a hard exterior in order to protect themselves from that which causes them emotional or spiritual pain.

Odilon Redon

As Indigoes grow older and integrate into society, their unquenchable thirst for truth and transparency will follow them into their new role in civilization. When this rebellious energy meets the complacency of modern-day society, exposing overlooked rules and limitations, changes are going to begin. There are some very notable people in high office who have Indigo energy right now. So optimistically, so avidly are they seeking changes that their popularity ratings are sliding down the charts because they come across as ineffective. But the truth is, they are just ahead of their time. As the Indigos integrate into society, they’re going to have the power to make the changes.

Their inherent energy cannot be changed. You have to understand that Heaven realized what a shock to our system this new Indigo energy would be. Naturally, we would try to quell their fire, quiet them, and chemically straitjacket them and get them to just fall in line—because even though we all want the world to be better, God forbid we actually do anything to participate in changing it. The more you become attuned with Indigo energy, the more you support Indigos to help them get in touch with their sense of purpose, the more you’re doing for the world. As the Indigos do their job, they’re going to get rid of the outdated, unethical, imbalanced rules and policies of this world. That’s why learning about Indigo Power is so important.

Indigos believe in unity. Indigos believe that humanity collectively should awaken to the truth that we’re all one.

Indigo energy is very old soul energy. They are coming back with a collective purpose not to just be human, not to just go through general human experiences as so many souls are here to do, but almost to make a life sacrifice. They sacrifice the sense of peace and well-being that often accompanies assimilation—the reassuring feeling of safety that rewards those who just follow the rules, those who just fall in line. An Indigo sacrifices that peace so that they can bring tangible change to a world that needs it.

Indigos are often thought of as the next, more aware step in the evolution of humanity—the strength in humanity that says: “No longer do we just complacently muster a smile and accept adversity. We no longer have heroes; we no longer give our power away to other people. We now have so much energy within ourselves that we can become free thinkers and maintain that role.” That’s the next step for humanity. Indigo, you are that next step.

Odilon Redon

I suggest you just take a moment to close your eyes, take a breath, clear your energy, and ask the universe, ask this energy that is around you, for guidance. Even if you don’t believe in this energy, just take a chance and give it a shot. Just find that place of relaxation. Just find a place of calm where you’re not harboring any expectations, any sense of urgency or anxiety, or any hopes of getting the answer you might think you should get . . . just completely let go. Ask the universe to show you a clear and recognizable sign guiding you toward your next step and your path in this lifetime. After you ask: “Please show me a clear and recognizable sign”, just let go. Forget about it. Forget you’ve just done that. Go on with your life.

Not only can signs contain very specific and guiding synchronistic information, but many also come to us just as a confirmation that we are on the right path. That’s what a lot of people need to find more comfort in. We become so focused on where it is we’re supposed to be, we lose sight of the “now” and what it is we’re supposed to go through in order to be qualified for that next step in our lives.

When you receive these signs, take a minute to allow yourself to feel grateful, to feel fulfilled by the fact that no matter what it is that you envision for your future, right now could not and should not be any different. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, which is a Divine confirmation that whatever it is that you’re working for, whatever it is that you’re manifesting in your life, is on its way.

Indigos help protect those they care for. The Indigos help make positive changes in situations that need balance.”

Doreen Virtue, Charles Virtue
Awaken Your Indigo Power