To be alert is to be on edge. To be aware is to calmly see beyond the edge. Awareness, not alertness, delivers the necessary wisdom.

Caspar David Friedrich

„Being alert and being aware are two entirely different systems. Alertness is the sympathetic nervous system of being on edge. Awareness, the parasympathetic system, is calmly able to see beyond the edge.

Being alert, is a Beta [and/or] Gamma state of the head-brain frequency – very rapidly cycling, on and off, to fend off dangers at any moment, but not open to the vast alternatives.

Being aware, is an Alpha [and/or] Theta state of the head-brain frequency – relaxed and meditation oriented, which involves the gut and heart-brain’s deeper intuition with every observation. This is open to the vast options that each moment offers,  it’s able to access solutions adjacent to every challenge, as the adaptogenic peptides flush into the body’s circulation. Awareness allows perception to discover alternatives to blocked pathways, and infinity contains infinite alternatives. This is why Kundalini yoga (the yoga of awareness) is so vital in these times, and caffeine (the drink of alertness) can be disruptive.

Alertness reacts to the unfamiliar with familiar responses – not what’s needed. Unknowns stimulate growth, growth delivers challenge, so when you apply alertness to correct challenge with familiarity, you end up back where you started: zero progress. It’s counter intuitive to rely on such familiar instincts – circling back to the beginning produces stagnation without progress, circles of familiarity and ignorance.

Today’s needs and challenges are unlike anything that’s ever been. Awareness, not alertness, delivers the necessary wisdom.

Our prayer is that you’re done with old familiar circles; that you’re prepared to courageously move into unknown realms . . . to deliver balanced, intuitive and calming awareness.”

Guru Singh