In today’s world there’s a fascination with lowest common denominators. This is a contagion.

„There are many levels of evolutionary development taking place in this one-room schoolhouse Earth.

The only way to gather humanity around a common cause is to address each cause at the level of human progress and understanding. A great master, Yogi Bhajan, once said:  “You have to be a forklift, and meet people at their level; then gently lift them to the level of the highest common denominator.”

In today’s world there’s a fascination with lowest common denominators. This is a contagion, with the additional tendencies of ridicule – using embarrassment to take advantage of disadvantaged. Competitive and devoid of empathy, this inhuman activity sets up continuous animosity to ultimately escalate into the violence and continuous war of these times: competition beyond understanding.

Missing from life in this one room schoolhouse, humans are unable to sense anything but them-self, or fulfill needs other than their own.

Being a compassionate master, you’re a stranger in this world of many mistakes. But, like children in the one room schoolhouse, they must be allowed to make these mistakes to learn. Let each person demonstrate the level of their understanding, and then – through their innocence without guilt – learn in a neutral environment of non-judgement.

Just like the final death of your body when breath retires, Guru Nanak said: “Be dead while yet alive.” What this meant was: stop your individuation willingly; allow yourself to connect with others completely, and this “death” becomes empathy with compassion. You surrender to innocence and neutrality of non-judgement – zero embarrassment.

Our prayer is that you lead the way into this new evolution of education; that you demonstrate the highest common denominator connecting everyone at their compatible best, and then become that forklift – lift them even higher.”

Guru Singh