The Role of a Healer

“A healer is a human vessel that spirit uses to uplift, inspire, and transform the lives of awakening beings. A healer themselves are also on a journey of ever-increasing expansion, amplifying their ability to tune into individuals and groups of people to know exactly what is needed, depending upon how regularly they continue to evolve.

While there are times when a healer is able to remove blockages or heal wounds at the snap of their fingers, it is only a grace that may occur when someone is ready for relief to dawn. I myself have been continually humbled, amazed, and astounded by the things I’ve been able to do to help so many in need, simply by following however spirit instructs me to be. By learning to balance my ability to listen to the guidance of my own inner voice, while also having empathy for those steeped in pain, I have become keenly aware of the role of a healer, which isn’t always the easiest road to maneuver.

In working with so many evolving empaths, light workers, intuitives, and healers, I have seen how easy it is to be seduced by someone else’s approval by attempting to give them exactly the experience they desire, instead of staying true to the guidance that remains as clear and steady as we are willing to follow its lead. For many healers, their inability to fully trust their own divine instincts and healing processes causes them to define their usefulness by other people’s approval.

While it is essential to always be receptive to feedback, we may not gain someone’s approval if not granted the power to change someone’s circumstances within the blink of an eye. So what is the most useful way a healer can define their abilities? It is two-fold: First, did the healer follow their inner guidance as purely as it came through and did the healer focus on being as nurturing and loving, whether or not they felt useful and effective in their role?

Sometimes a lightworker doesn’t understand the messages coming through for another, so they attempt to rush the process, in order to please another person. If co-opted by their ego, a healer uses each session as a way of proving their abilities to the parts of themselves that aren’t designed to believe in the miracles that dwell within us.

The reason there are parts of us that cannot comprehend in the innate nature of our own inner magic is because miracles manifest from a dimension in which the ego does not exist. Simply put, the ego renounces, doubts, and denies the dimensions of existence it doesn’t have access to inhabiting. This means a healer doesn’t have to prove anything to themselves or others, but just have a heartfelt desire to assist those in their journey in the most loving, thoughtful, and compassionate way.

A light worker or healer is much like a member of an energetic rescue team. If you were part of rescuing someone from a crisis and defined your worth by their experience, you might think you failed your mission, if without the approval or gratitude of the person you are rescuing. When aligned with truth, each rescuer simply focuses on following the guidance they have been given to assist those in need, knowing another person’s demeanor is reflective of their experience of crisis and not a sign of how ineffective you are in your role.

Using the metaphor of a rescuer, sometimes you are the hero who swoops in to save the day. Other times you are there to keep someone calm and settled until other help arrives. This is true of the role of a healer. Sometimes you’re the hammer that busts someone out of their inner prison. Other times, you’re just a faithful chisel guiding them towards their inevitable parole date.

While it can be very seductive to always want to play the role of the spiritual hero, whatever emanates from the core of your being as messages and instructions from spirit is exactly what someone is meant to receive from you, no matter how clear or vague it may seem. If spirit yearns to help someone embrace their inner guidance, despite always giving away their power to others, you might play the role of giving someone information they purposefully don’t resonate with.

This occurs just so they walk away more trusting of their own instincts. When someone doesn’t resonate, they are taking a step forward in accepting how all the answers are within themselves to be revealed at the exact moment such insights are meant to dawn. This tends to happen to healers in the beginning of their journey as a form of initiation from the Universe to determine whether we are willing to listen to spirit or appease the desires of the ego.

When aligned, a healer helps clarify each stage of our journey; helping to unravel beliefs in fear to reveal a bigger cosmic picture, where each and everything that happens to us only invokes a change for the better. If a spiritual journey is like a vision quest, then as healers we are the faithful, wise, and loving space holders for the healing already under way. Just like a doula’s job is to accompany and guide the delivery of a baby and not give birth for an expectant mother, a healer exists to ease all doubts, untangle each confusion, and help return someone to the presence and innocence of their naturally aligned state of being at whatever speed is destined for it to unfold.

Since each of us are light workers in the lives of others, whether making a living as healers or playing the role of a colleague, spouse, parent, or friend, understanding the role of a healer not only helps you in assisting others, but allows you to deepen your own journey of surrender.

As a way of clarifying the role of a healer, here are some insights to always keep in mind:

1.In order to become who we are born to be, we may not always get what we want exactly when we want it, but we always receive exactly what we need, no matter how unpopular it is to the ego.

2.Low vibration doesn’t mean less than or separate from the light. It is when your energy slows down to give your awareness opportunities to see things up close and personal, so to glean the insights needed to make more empowered choices. Once everything has been perceived so openly and directly that negative associations and false beliefs have been seen through, the space created from time spent in a lower vibration ushers in a higher vibration of light, where time seems to speed up with greater synchronicity at play.

3.A healer is much like a parent. A child may not always enjoy the hardship of growing pains and may even project it onto those they feel the safest around, but ultimately, like a wise parent, a healer defines themselves by how unconditionally they love and not by anyone’s response to their offering.

4.Everyone is always doing the best they can. If they had access to better, they would embody it. When others are so steeped in pain, misery, or despair, they don’t have the awareness to be grateful, humble, or honoring of your light. They just need to receive the gifts you reflect as a way of communing with the Truth within themselves they may have lost touch with.

5.Being a healer is not a popularity contest. It is a journey of truth designed to purify both the healer and the healed when brought together through a mutual intention of honesty and service.

6.Being a healer will not spare you of hardship. The same circumstances you face in a corporate setting or working in a family business will be the same emotions faced and transformed as a healer. Our choices do not change the feelings we are meant to embrace, it just changes the wallpaper of reality. You can rearrange the furniture of your home, but it doesn’t change the address or the dynamic of those within it.

8.Playing a spiritual role is not higher than any other role in service. When we are pure of heart, we yearn to serve those in need. Whatever is needed, whether appearing spiritual or not, is joyfully provided without judgment or comparison.

9.Things don’t change because you are in your own way. You cannot block or interfere with the progress of your own healing. Although you are free to believe that, it only causes you to look for evidence to confirm the validity of such limiting ideas. Things don’t change because like each grade in school, one must spend a specific amount of time in a certain curriculum in order to graduate to the next level. This means everything is a reward of your highest evolution and never a punishment. When it feels as if life is punishing you, more self-love and gentleness is needed. Self-love won’t guarantee instantaneous shifts. It will just give you exactly what you need in order to soften the walls before they are meant to crumble.

10.You don’t have to like your experience. You just have to be honest about it.

Each and every healer plays a very useful and impactful role in the lives they are destined to touch. As we become clearer on the purpose of life as a spiritual journey in physical form and learn exactly what it takes to complete each stage of our mission in the most aligned and loving way, each and every milestone of discovery reaps the deepest rewards for those who are the most faithful of heart. For those who have yet to touch the ecstasy of such faith, a deeper healing journey unfolds to bring you into direct contact with the purity of your own inner perfection.
Such is the journey of life. Thank goodness we are all in this together.”

All For Love,

Matt Kahn