Nothing is against us. Everything is here to help us evolve to full capacity.

“In the new paradigm, a pursuit for the highest spiritual experience is exchanged in favour of the most honest spiritual experience. This means instead of perceiving anything as a roadblock to a more comfortable, meaningful, and fulfilling experience, it could only be a way in which the Universe prepares you for such comfort, meaning, depth, and fulfilment by ushering you through your most profound transformation. We don’t have to like how it unfolds or be fans of how long certain phases of healing seem to last. With the utmost honesty as our most faithful companion, we admit the truth of our experience that doesn’t have to be anyone’s fault, in order to be faced and felt.

The ego often integrates back into the light of our energy field through four specific phases of unravelling. In no particular order, these four phases of unravelling are: boredom, frustration, loneliness, and confusion. Sometimes experienced in oscillating patterns or even all at once, these four phases indicate how deeply our inner transformation is underway, paving the way for a new reality to dawn from the inside out. When rooted in the faith of this deeper knowing, we aren’t bored because we have yet to discover or fulfill our life purpose. Boredom occurs on a regular basis as the ego unravels. We aren’t frustrated because circumstances don’t go our way. Frustration occurs on a regular basis as the ego unravels. Equally so, we aren’t lonely because of any relationship or lack of connection within or throughout. Loneliness occurs on a regular basis as the ego unravels. Best of all, we aren’t confused because of our past, conditioning, or even subconscious beliefs. Confusion occurs as the ego unravels.

Imagine how much easier our journeys could be when we simply embrace the moment exactly as it is; following the breadcrumb of each insight in whatever way it comes to us, knowing everything changes but only for the better without anything having to be anyone’s fault or an indication that something is wrong with us. This is the liberated relief of heart-centred consciousness. While it is possible to a awaken to a certain level without being heart-cantered, one cannot go all the way without the male mind being tempered and embraced by the nurturing love of the feminine heart.

When the male mind and feminine heart are divided in imbalance, wisdom tends to be clinical and can often come off rigid. Equally so along this imbalance, when the heart and mind are at odds, love can be impulsive, and brimming with immaturity, instead of allowing our infinite capacity of openness to be guided by the values and insights of our highest wisdom.

In order for these two aspects to reunite and merge, a willingness to have the most honest spiritual experiences replaces any need to avoid our current climate of circumstances. Avoidance merely occurs to remind us when we are viewing our healing journey through a lens of comparison and judging it as evidence of personal deficiency. Again, none of this is our fault, since any degree of boredom, frustration, loneliness, and confusion could only be evidence of our most profound transformation underway.

This means it’s not about waking up from one dream in attempt to create a bigger and better one. It’s about waking up from the dream of believing anything is against us, when in reality, everything is here to help us evolve to full capacity. It may not always seem that way, but as the dust settles and there remains no more boredom, frustration, loneliness, and confusion for anyone to trigger, the completion of our most triumphant rebirth reveals a brand new reality that has been here all along, merely holding space for our inevitable arrival.

Whether these words soothe the soul or instigate deeper aspects to be healed, we always deserve more love, not less.

All For Love, “

Matt Kahn