My mind is my shelter


E mai greu pe străduțe, fără GPS, decât pe autostradă, dar descoperi mult mai multe lucruri. Intenția, prima intenție, n-are nicio interfață financiară.

Să o iei mereu de la zero “Eu sunt un om foarte timid și mă intimidează multe lucruri. Nu am un plan. M-am ghidat după miros, după intuiția lui Alexandru … Continue reading


Arhipelagul altei vieți – Andrei Makine

„În acel moment al tinereții mele, verbul „ a trăi” și-a schimbat înțelesul. De-atunci avea să exprime soarta celor care izbutiseră să ajungă la Marea insulelor Șantar. Pentru toate celelalte … Continue reading


Pierre Bonnard – The precision of naming takes away from the uniqueness of seeing.

“The precision of naming takes away from the uniqueness of seeing.” “It’s because people have no idea how to look that they hardly ever understand.” “The important thing is to … Continue reading


Foarte rar mi se întâmplă să simt că întâlnirile mele cu ceilalți sunt reale. Să-mi întâlnesc mintea și sufletul cu ceilalți.

Ada, tu simți că tu faci parte dintr-o generație artistică? Da, eu am descoperit foarte mulți tineri în jur cu care simt că aș putea crește împreună și cu care … Continue reading


„Am rămas un pictor care s-a străduit să zugrăvească oamenii așa cum sunt”. Camil Ressu – Însemnări

  „N-am avut aptitudini de om politic…Am rămas un pictor care s-a străduit să zugrăvească oamenii așa cum sunt; nu știu dacă și pe această cale am reușit să fac … Continue reading


Păsările galbene – Kevin Powers

În ciuda morții, din această carte țâșnește viața. Oricât ar fi de mari grozăviile (pe care e nevoie să le vedem, pentru că noi le facem), autorul te ține mereu … Continue reading


Veneția – A. E. Baconsky. Itinerarii plastice

„Canal Grande e principalul bulevard acvatic al orașului și pracurgându-l în întregime, de la gară până la piața San Marco, cu vaporașele care merg destul de încet, pentru a da … Continue reading


Catrina – Aharon Appelfeld. Sau vocea bunicului meu.

Aharon Appelfeld este un scriitor evreu. Limba sa maternă este germana. S-a născut în 1932. Holocaust. A trebuit să vorbească și să scrie în alte limbi. Nu a scris niciodată … Continue reading


“Don’t force the prize game on the ‘deserving young’. Idle philanthropy is a sort of disease.”

“It is all very well to form societies for the Encouragement of Deserving Young Artists, and people go at these things with a spirit of benevolence and a faith in … Continue reading


Appreciation of life is not easy.

„Appreciation of life is not easy. One says he must earn a living – but why ? Why live? It seems as though a great many who do earn the … Continue reading


We only ask for each person the freedom which we accord to nature.

 „The people I like to paint are “my people,” whoever they may be, wherever they may exist, the people through whom dignity of life is manifest, that is, who are … Continue reading


„Exactitude is not truth.”

„I don’t paint things. I only paint the difference between things.” „Exactitude is not truth.” „There are always flowers for those who want to see them” „He who loves, flies, … Continue reading


“Only love interests me and I am only in contact with things I love.”

“Mine alone is the country of my soul.” “Only love interests me and I am only in contact with things I love.” “If I create from the heart, almost everything … Continue reading


Spiritualul în artă – Wassily Kandinski

„Deodată însă apare, inevitabil, un om ca noi toți, dar care deține, tainic implantată în el, o putere ‘a privitului’. Este un om care vede lucrurile și le arată. De … Continue reading


All holiness is about learning to hear the voice of your own soul.

“The voice of compassion is not absorbed with itself. It is not a voice intent on its own satisfaction or affirmation; rather it is a voice imbued with understanding, forgiveness … Continue reading


Our time is hungry in spirit.

„The beautiful can exist at the edge precisely because it has nothing to lose and everything to give away”. Frederick Turner “Our time is hungry in spirit. In some unnoticed … Continue reading


The imagination of light: how gradually light will build a mood for the eye to discover something new in the familiar

Paintings by Padraig McCaul „I love the imagination of light: how gradually light will build a mood for the eye to discover something new in a familiar mountain. This glimpse … Continue reading


In order to become attentive to beauty, we need to rediscover the art of reverence.

„In order to become attentive to beauty, we need to rediscover the art of reverence. Our world seems to have lost all sense of reverence. We seldom even use the … Continue reading


When you regain a sense of your life as a journey of discovery, you return to rhythm with yourself. When you take the time to travel with reverence, a richer life unfolds before you

“Traditionally, a journey was a rhythm of three forces: time, self and space. Now the digital virus has truncated time and space. Marooned on each instant, we have forfeited the … Continue reading


Beauty is a slow presence who waits for the ready, expectant heart.

„When beauty touches our lives, the moment becomes luminous. These grace-moments are gifts that surprise us. When we look beyond the moment to our life journey, perhaps we can choose … Continue reading


The spontaneity and playfulness of beauty subverts our self-importance

 „Beauty enjoys a profound and ancient autonomy. True beauty is from elsewhere, a pure gift. It cannot be programmed nor its arrival foreseen. It never falls simply into the old … Continue reading


True beauty is numinous. There is a light in beauty which no frontier can limit or contain; it has a distinctive dignity.

  „True beauty is numinous. When a person has beauty, their presence is full of radiance. In German, they say such a person has a ‘grosse Ausstrahlung’, literally, ‘a flowing … Continue reading


Beauty is permanent, but it is always new. No-one is immune to beauty. It is never a neutral experience. To behold beauty dignifies your life.

“St Augustine testifies to the permanence and eternity of beauty when he writes: ‘Too late came I to love thee! Beauty, ever ancient, ever new, too late came I to … Continue reading


The vision is shaped by the state of the soul

„The human gaze is not the closed, fixed view of a camera but is creative and constructive. Both the gaze that sees and the object that is seen construct construct … Continue reading


In difficult times keep something beautiful in your heart

„There are times when life seems little more than a matter of struggle and endurance, when difficulty and disappointment form a crust around the heart. Because it can be deeply … Continue reading


Intimations of beauty

„A blind man recognizes a beloved face by barely touching it with seeing fingers, and tears of joy, the true joy of recognition, will fall from his eyes after a … Continue reading


Beauty is quietly woven through our days

„When we hear the word ‚beauty’, we inevitably think that beauty belongs in a special elite realm where only the extraordinary dwells. Yet without realizing it, each day each one … Continue reading


Let beauty surprise you

„The arts, whose task once was considered to be that of manifesting the beautiful, will discuss the idea only to dismiss it, regarding beauty only as the pretty, the simple, … Continue reading


If beauty were invited

„Our times are driven by the inestimable energies of the mechanical mind; its achievements derive from its singular focus, linear direction and force. When it dominates, the habit of gentleness … Continue reading


The global crisis and the violation of beauty

„Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” Rumi „In a sense, all the contemporary crisis can be … Continue reading

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