My mind is my shelter


The Gift of Love. A Healed World

Love Is the Greatest Gift “After you do the [healing] work for a while, you realize that complete surrender is what is required. You can’t figure it out in your … Continue reading


The Feminine Spirit

“The problem with growing up in our left-brain driven, achievement-oriented world is that no one feels valuable unless s/he is doing something. So it’s do, do, do. Everyone has two … Continue reading


The Law of Attraction

Attraction and Detraction “Today there is a great deal of buzz about the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately, few people understand this law at depth and  superficial understanding of this law … Continue reading


Existential wounds

Life Is a Set-Up “Life is a set-up. The very act of being born is very traumatic for everyone. All birth experiences are traumatic. The very act of going from … Continue reading


The three stages of healing and empowerment

The Three Stages “There are three stages in the process of healing and transformation. The first stage is primarily about personal healing and receiving love from others. The second stage … Continue reading


Healing the divided psyche

  Shadow and Persona “Because we stuff our pain, part of our experience and the emotions associated with it is repressed and locked away. The psyche is split in two. … Continue reading


Meeting ourselves

The Core Self “The Core Self is our essence. It is who we are at the most fundamental level. It is the connection point between our divine origin and our … Continue reading

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