My mind is my shelter


To change the outer circumstances of your life, you must look at the contents of your own consciousness

“When you are scared and overwhelmed by life, you think you are the victim of pain in a meaningless world. You do not know that your pain belongs to you … Continue reading


If you can create hell, can you not also create heaven?

“In your search for happiness outside yourself you made many enemies. Yet, your hatred for them was nothing compared to your hatred for yourself. For every problem or trauma you … Continue reading


To know creation you had to become it

“When you ate from the tree of knowledge, you entered into a path of mistake-making and correction which would bring you true knowledge of self and other. You wanted to … Continue reading


The truth must be encountered directly and expressed in the language of the time

“In every generation, the truth must be encountered directly by prophets, mystics and visionaries. Becoming one with that truth, they can express it in the language of their times. When … Continue reading


To evolve, human beings had to learn to become love-givers, not just love-receivers

“In the beginning, human beings lived in the blind obedience to the law. They did what they were told and they were rewarded appropriately. They were the beloved of God, … Continue reading


Love is the ultimate reality.

“When you learn to connect to God in your heart you will understand directly the truth He is teaching you. If you know God in your heart, you will embody … Continue reading


Acceptance and trust. Move in the direction of your greatest joy. Choose what expresses your love.

Acceptance and Trust “Life always unfolds better when you get out of the way. It’s a paradox. It you think it needs to be fixed, then fixing it will be … Continue reading


You cannot control what happens. You can only be open to it or resist it.

The open door “Life has its on rhythm.  If you are surrendered you will find it. But surrendering is not so easy. Surrendering means meeting each moment as new. And … Continue reading

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