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Right livelihood

“The gifts you have been given in this life do not belong to you alone. They belong to everyone. Do not be selfish and withhold them. Do not imprison yourself … Continue reading


Grace is not continuous for anyone. Grace happens in the flow of life, not apart from it. Love’s presence is gentle and forgiving

  “When you love and honor yourself there is harmony and peace in your life. Things unfold naturally, without struggle. Grace becomes the guiding light in your life. It the … Continue reading


Miracles and physical laws

“Your job is not to alter physical reality, but to be fully present with it. The real Miracle is your joining with God and understanding His Will for you. External … Continue reading


The real miracle is to be found in the spiritual purpose behind the event

  “When you think of miracles, you no doubt think of the people who are cured of serious illnesses, who are delivered unexpectedly from dangerous situations or who experience unanticipated … Continue reading


God can’t be in charge as long as you think you are the boss

“Experiment with being in your life without judgment. Be neutral about what happens. You don’t have to see things in a positive light. Just stop seeing them in a negative … Continue reading


Miracle consciousness depends on your ability to intuit the presence of God in your life

“That you exist at all is a testimony of God’s love. When you are in touch with God’s love for you, everything that happens in your life is miraculous. All … Continue reading



“Faith is the perception of goodness in that which appears to be evil. It is the perception of abundance in what appears to be lacking. It is the perception of … Continue reading


Maps and signs

  “Signs are created through our intuitive connection with life. When you are embarking on a road journey it is helpful to look at a road map. A road map … Continue reading


The futility of control

“The key to living in peace is the ability to stay in the present moment. You cannot live in the present moment if you think you are the one ‘doing’ … Continue reading


Do not become lost in the world before you know who you are

“Few people are alone with their experience. Most people are afraid to be. The irony is that those who are alone do not feel that they are alone. And those … Continue reading


Blessing the body

“Whenever I point out the inherent limitations of the physical body, someone inevitably interprets it to mean “the body is bad, inferior, or evil”. The need to reject the body … Continue reading


Marriage is not a tie that binds, but one that releases

“Marriage begins first in the heart of both partners. In all loving relationships, one wishes the best for the other person. One is willing even to give the partner up … Continue reading


Split off aspects of self must be retrieved and integrated into conscious awareness

  “Neither self-indulgence, nor self-denial brings peace or happiness. Those who indulge themselves eventually see that their substance of choice is addictive and satisfies less and less. And those who … Continue reading


Real love cracks life open

“Somehow people understand that if they take God’s path their lives will never be the same. They aren’t sure they really want a revolution happening in their lives. Many people … Continue reading


Home to love

“You don’t have to know all the answers in order to grow, to walk through your fears, to inhabit your life more completely. As you tell your truth and witness … Continue reading


What is asked for is love

“As soon as you see a problem that needs fixing you have disempowered the person standing before you. Do not do this. Do not accept the pose of powerlessness. There … Continue reading


If your life is a flight from self, how can you expect any relationship to be grounded?

  “There is only one way that you will find genuine fulfillment in your life and that is to learn to love and to accept yourself. With that as a … Continue reading


You cannot extend forgiveness to another until you have claimed it for yourself

“Your success in your career and intimate relationships depends to a large extent upon your willingness to heal your relationship with your parents and get on with your life. If … Continue reading


The romantic tradition is merely a socially acceptable, institutionalized form of self-betrayal

  “There is a tendency, when people go into a relationship, to ‘go limp’, the way an animal goes limp when caught by a predator. There is a kind of … Continue reading


Spiritual Communities – when you offer love, those who need that love will find you

“Committed love extends without effort to others who are ready to receive it. Gradually, those who join in the sacred union are guided into small affinity communities of people committed … Continue reading


Together, you accept your spiritual purpose and fulfill it gracefully

  “A soul mate relationship is an exploration of the dynamics of equality, mutual trust and respect. It is a mature relationship that requires good communication skills, generally learned through … Continue reading


Every evil you perceive in the world points to an unforgiving place in your own heart

“Shame leads to an upside down-perception of the world. You believe that you are “bad, damaged, or unworthy”, and you project that belief onto all your brothers and sisters. Every … Continue reading


Daily rituals of intimacy and peace

“Honest communication restores the feeling of love and connection. Learning to be in a relationship requires an understanding of boundaries. You need to be responsible for your own thoughts, feelings, … Continue reading


Three Stages of Consciousness

“There are three stages in the development of human consciousness. The first stage is Subconscious Knowledge. Driven by instinct and emotions, this is the state of ancient man. The second … Continue reading


The Earth is reflecting back to you the quality of your own consciousness

  “Beneath the thinking mind is a pure, non-judgmental awareness. As soon as you discover that awareness, the heart opens, and giving and receiving are effortless. Observing silence and breathing … Continue reading

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