My mind is my shelter


The heart has the ability to capture the essence beyond the danger of a moment.

  „All relationships have incredibly powerful meaning and opportunity – especially when you stop looking at them through the eyes of “normal.” The eyes of “normal” are the eyes that … Continue reading


“If your presence does not move a person, your words certainly won’t.”

„A mystic’s dynamic silence: the ability to express the deepest wisdom without words. It’s a holistic way of being a masterful presence, a path to follow where you clearly walk … Continue reading


„Doresc să servesc de îndrumător” – George Enescu

„La mine n-au existat niciodată hotare între viața și arta mea.” „Ținutul natal al lui George Enescu. Satul Livezeni din fostul judeș Dorohoi – Comuna Cordăreni – „un sat ca … Continue reading


One of the most tender images is the human person at prayer.

„One of the most tender images is the human person at prayer. When the body gathers itself before the Divine, a stillness deepens. The blaring din of distraction ceases and … Continue reading


Darul de a te găsi pe tine în celălalt este singura formă de obiectivitate.

„Comunicarea nu se face. Sau există sau nu există. Matale cum te înțelegi cu cineva și cu alții nu te înțelegi? Este aceeași lungime de undă, este o sumă de … Continue reading


Every challenge is placed in your web to strengthen it.

„The web of a spider is like the structure of an awakened human’s life: precise, gentle, dramatically strong, and patterned with highly geometric symbology – the abode of unusually accurate … Continue reading


„Merg cu o temă în cap oricând. Ceva acolo e întotdeauna.” – Petre Ancuța

Suntem în anul 2018. Ianuarie. București. Într-o cafenea de lângă TNB. Dacă închizi ochii, care ar fi prima melodie pe care începi să o fredonezi? Acum aud muzica de aici … Continue reading


Intuition is intimacy with your senses.

„Intuition – the exact knowing of a moment – begins functioning when you accept that you don’t know what you know. For it is then that you allow the information … Continue reading


When rooted in love, the Truth of our Divine nature is here.

„All things are inherently Divine in nature. They don’t always have to act from a conscious space to be an equal expression of the whole. And yet, the more self-realized … Continue reading


These times are abusive to the body, the emotions and the mind – the only healing is found in your heart.

„In order to make a strong move in the material world, you either have to believe in it, be inspired by it, be tricked into moving it, or be forced … Continue reading


Intuition leaves no emotional trail and arrives with no emotional attachment.

„People are always curious about how to know if what they’re sensing is intuition or just an emotional charge. The answer is usually quite simple: intuition leaves no emotional trail … Continue reading


March Energies – A great sense of curiosity and a desire to explore will emerge. We thus become clearer vessels for guidance from our Spirit.

“The human part of the mind simply desires to receive comfort, safety, love, and attention – that’s all! When the mind receives these four things, it will always be on … Continue reading


Commit to a daily process that convinces you of who you truly are in practical terms. Be bold and don’t ever fold.

„Space-time (commonly referred to as ‘reality’) is perceived remarkably different by different observers. With all their different ‘velocities’, those unique perceptions produce opinions, conclusions, decisions, and ultimately the supporting thoughts … Continue reading


Trusă de prim ajutor. Sau garou. Sau stingător. (tablouri de Florentina Popescu).

Cu câteva zile în urmă am intrat într-o galerie de artă și am tresărit imediat, văzând acest tablou al Florentinei Popescu (website). Am gândit: „Oricâte crengi ți s-ar usca, ai … Continue reading


Managementul timpului este intens discutat, dar managementul energiei este mult mai interesant.

Învățăm să ne facem timp, dar știm să ne facem energie? Înțeleg că omul funcționează pe baza a trei tipuri de energie: fizică, emoțională și spirituală. Energia fizică este mult … Continue reading


Duhul Sfânt există și se atinge de inima omului!

De ceva vreme am aflat că cele trei virtuți creștine sunt credința, nădejdea și iubirea. Nădejdea este o virtute creștină în sensul că numai cine și-a pierdut credința în Dumnezeu … Continue reading


Make it a priority each day to find the fertilizer in your nasty moments. Plant seeds with your presence. Remain united with the true value of your ideals and your ideas.

“Value is what you must live ‘as’ in each moment, it’s not what you live for. Value is presence. Storing value for the future moments must never replace the valued … Continue reading


Find the peaceful opening in each dangerous moment. Discover the intuition of your higher human nature and experience life beyond the noise of violence.

„Conflicts between ancient survival instincts and the higher human nature are in a mythic battle on Earth right now. Ancient instincts were built for protection through the ages. Your higher … Continue reading


If stars don’t destroy each other with their mergers, human differences can certainly coexist.

„The ‘Hubble Space Telescope’ has recently picked up stunning images of two galaxies merging and forming a new giant elliptical mega-galaxy. It seems – when examining data from ancient micro-wave … Continue reading


Make life new with inspiration. Life has a natural sense of security.

“Every moment is experienced in the microcosm of your breathing. Every breath is completely new, every moment is completely reborn within the breath. Inspiration means ‘in-spirit’ – it’s rebirthing into … Continue reading


Enthusiasm opens faith and intuition. The advantage of faith over any challenge.

„Enthusiasm – often associated with youth, at times connected to irresponsibility, then, experienced as overpowering, disruptive, or out of place in social settings. For this reason, there are cultures of … Continue reading


Nothing is against us. Everything is here to help us evolve to full capacity.

“In the new paradigm, a pursuit for the highest spiritual experience is exchanged in favour of the most honest spiritual experience. This means instead of perceiving anything as a roadblock … Continue reading


The Role of a Healer

“A healer is a human vessel that spirit uses to uplift, inspire, and transform the lives of awakening beings. A healer themselves are also on a journey of ever-increasing expansion, … Continue reading


By believing in your heart, become a master of life.

„Just as the early usage of fire for cooking increased the size of the pre-human brain, the development of ‘new-fire’ is increasing the size of your newest brain, contained in … Continue reading


Untangle the excessive strands of fear that have woven themselves into your days.

„There’s a strand of fear that weaves through every life in the fabric of space and time – ever present, even today. It can keep you clear, yet not fearful. … Continue reading


Where little children are often afraid of the dark, spiritual seekers are often afraid of too much light. Embrace the ‘you’ beyond familiarity.

„There’s an unusual evolutionary flaw amongst humans that Yogi Bhajan addressed once when he said: “Everyone grows old, very few ever grow up.” We’re very much like little children, but … Continue reading


Every emotion is a direction on the map of your life. The most effective response to this guidance is gratitude – an emotional opening to all solutions.

“The Buddha would say: “Discomfort is my friend, for when I sit with it long enough, it will naturally turn into joy.” In fact, sitting with any emotion, or sensation … Continue reading


Pâinea noastră cea de toate zilele dă-ne-o nouă astăzi.

Bunicul nu îmi mai vorbește de demult, dar nu am încetat niciodată să-l ascult. Vocea lui era așa o poveste încât, pe nesimțite, ajungeam să nu-i mai aud cuvintele. Îi … Continue reading


Intuition and deflection, instead of protection.

„In the depth of love, your inclination is to abandon every need for safety, every mechanism of security that you have. You’re now open to “incidents” (sometimes called accidents) that … Continue reading


Calm is the Truth of You. To be inauthentic costs you energy that could be better spent on Truth.

„God said: The closer you come to Me, the closer you come to your Self. Come closer. I am the Door you open to show you the way to your … Continue reading

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