My mind is my shelter


Divine Timing is a natural law. Feel that inner sense of coherence.

 „Without Patience you can never understand the meaning of Divine Timing. Patience is so tricky sometimes. It is often difficult to surrender to how Life is transpiring when it’s uncomfortable. … Continue reading


Radical Trust that the Divine Flow is working.

„There have been some powerful F Words floating around my consciousness recently. Suddenly, Fortitude has become my favorite word for what I need right now. I usually will check in with … Continue reading


Be aware that the answers to all you are seeking are within you.

Dear One, When you are in harmony with your heart’s intelligence, seeking answers to your life’s questions outside yourself will seldom be necessary. This seems impossible to you, and yet … Continue reading


The prayers you offer for others are a ticket to Higher Consciousness.

The prayers you offer for others are a ticket to Higher Consciousness because the gifts and blessings sent out in Light and Love have a tenfold return. The Gabriel Messages … Continue reading


Loving others in their own chosen path is setting the energy you want in your world. As you live in the Light of True Love, you are being a true bridge from Heaven to Earth.

The Gabriel Messages # 10 “Loving others in their own chosen path is setting the energy you want in your world. Dear One, When you love others and allow them … Continue reading


When you dedicate your life to God, you move into the Lifestream of Pure Consciousness, where there are no limitations.

“When you dedicate your life to God you move into the Lifestream of Pure Consciousness where there are no limitations.  I love the idea of a Lifestream of Pure Consciousness. … Continue reading


Feeling free to be yourself is the greatest gift you can give.

Feeling Free to Be Yourself is the Greatest Gift You Can Give.  „The new life awakening in the world now is demanding that we respond in ways that are very … Continue reading


You are always receiving God’s love whether you “tune in” or not.

You Are Always Receiving God’s Love Whether You Tune In or Not.  We live in an Ocean of God’s love. I was told that you can come to the Ocean … Continue reading


Gently and With Love, Honor Yourself.

Gently and With Love, Honor Yourself.  “When I received this message from Archangel Gabriel in the early 1990s, I had no idea what honoring myself meant. I was raised in … Continue reading


Gratitude awakens your mind to the greater truth within all things, and lifts your spirit into Alignment and Joy.

 „All that you have learned and all that has happened to you brought you to where you are now.  Be grateful.  Sometimes it is just simply enough for us to … Continue reading


Take time to bless that which you have and ask for what you want.

Take time to bless that which you have and ask for what you want. To bless means to confer energy on whatever person or situation you are focused upon. It … Continue reading


The powerful river of creative energy flows in the direction of your intentions. It is the natural order of life. So miracles occur when you are willing to receive them.

„Make choices for greater Life, Peace and Joy, and all the forces of the Universe align themselves behind you.  From the beginning of my association with Archangel Gabriel, he spoke … Continue reading


One way to Balance within is to allow yourself to Love and be Loved.

One Way to Balance Within is to Allow Yourself to Love and be Loved. „In the midst of strong and powerful currents of energy we are all experiencing, Balance has … Continue reading


You would not have the desire without the means to fulfill it.

“It has been said that inherent in every problem is its solution. It is the same with your desires. Some part of you believes that it is possible, or you … Continue reading


Acknowledge yourself for how far you have come instead of how far you think you have to go.

The Gabriel Messages Book # 51 “Acknowledge yourself for how far you have come instead of how far you think you have to go. Dear One, You have grown and … Continue reading


Gratitude opens the door to feeling God’s Love.

Gratitude Opens the Door to Feeling God’s Love. “The essential feeling of receiving Divine Love is so delicious, most of us wish we could feel it all the time. Once … Continue reading


Connect deeply within to your enlightened state of mind to expand your perception of the world you inhabit.

“When you connect deeply within to your enlightened state of mind, there is an expanded perception of the world and any question can be answered.   People seem to be … Continue reading


Your prayers are a beacon calling to you the love and wisdom that you seek.

“Your Prayers are a Beacon Calling to You the Love and Wisdom that You Seek. The word that most stands out for me in this message is Beacon. It makes … Continue reading


You must love all of yourself before Pure Wisdom takes solid root within you.

  The Gabriel Messages #17 „When you receive pure love from your Divine Source and offer it to yourself, your life will transform. Loving yourself means that you accept yourself … Continue reading


The truth, the joy and the meaning are within you

“The Inner Spirit working outward in your life is the only place to find stability in these changing times. You have found that your world is speeding up. You may even … Continue reading

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