My mind is my shelter


Everyone grows old, but very few people ever grow up.

„The Earthly human social structure is currently arranged as a random version of emotional bodies interacting and reacting to the sensations from other emotional bodies. This is not the interactive … Continue reading


Experience your emotions with the authenticity of expression. Live each moment unencumbered by any debris from the past.

„Studies by our good friend, the late Jonathon Lilly, demonstrated that Dolphins have the healthiest emotional body of any mammal. They will always be honest and authentic, completely exposing their … Continue reading


Surrendering to the winds of life will carry you to your fulfillment

„There’s a Dragonfly with an English common name of “wandering glider” and “globe skimmer” (referring to its migratory behavior) it’s the new insect migration record holder. It travels over 11,000 … Continue reading


The absolute forgiveness within nature – the forgiveness that allows the failures to learn, rather than experience guilt in failure.

„Making mistakes is a sign of growth, of trying something brand new, or so unusual that you don’t recognize it. There can never be growth without trying something new – … Continue reading


See yourself in all others. Discover the unique intelligence in all creatures.

„Objective studies have shown that wolves have over two thousand different howls, with the differences being in tone, pitch, intensity and fluctuation. Domesticated dogs have these same differences in their … Continue reading


The solutions are not in opposition. Rest – not wrestle – with your unanswered questions.

„Whatever you focus on in today’s world will be accelerated, expanded, emphasized and reemphasized within the quickening that’s taking place in this time of cosmic sublimation – the Universal redshift. … Continue reading


Make no decisions and draw no conclusions in the midst of this all, but counter the gravity with profound levity.

 „Totally eclipsing the Sun is a moment of remarkable adventure for the solar system and a moment of emotional adjustment for life within it. The most famous of all total … Continue reading


Emotionally rich in the absence of material accumulation. Nature has a resistance to the human concept of a single quality – this is natural evolution.

„When the industrialized world looks at those cultures thought to be poor, to have less in terms of capital resources – do they really have less, or is it just … Continue reading


Fuel a compassionate future

“Over the past three hundred years, human evolution on this Earth has become trapped in a carbon fuel deadlock. It started with whale oil, kerosene and coal – then oil, … Continue reading


You’ve come to Earth to make a difference, not make a living.

“You’ve come to Earth to make a difference, not make a living. Your visit here has been scheduled for thousands of lifetimes, exactly as it is. You’ve been all over … Continue reading


Your life is a gift of conscious awareness to be used for the benefit of all things

„The nineteenth century Indian scientist, Dr. Jagadish Chandra Bose, had a regret near the end of his life. This was because of the one patent he filed and received during … Continue reading


Dedicate yourself to living a healthy life. Economical health is not biological health.

„Synthesis is one method that derives medicines from the herbs that originally provide the healing properties. Synthesis is a laborious and exacting process that takes great amounts of time and … Continue reading


“Means to the ends must never be mean, or the end.” Plant alternative economies to demonstrate alternative prosperities.

„The current forms of capitalism are not created to succeed or grow within peaceful or healthy environments – peace and calm is “bad“ for business in this current form. This … Continue reading


You never lose the acknowledgment and awareness of universal balance

„Balance is one of the most vital sensations in the human experience of space. When time is added to this experience there’s an additional sense of balancing life’s work and … Continue reading


This lack of reality makes you feel small amongst overwhelming situations – like the weeds that strangle a garden. But overwhelm is a perspective, and weeds grow more aggressively when perspective is unattended.

„One purpose in life is to dissolve the illusion of separation and enable a unity to prevail within your daily routines. It’s easy and tempting to feel and play small … Continue reading


Gratitude is a devotion. Devotions contribute to overall neutrality and intuitive success.

„Gratitude is a devotion, which are completely different from emotions – devotions act and react within the human body with an electrochemical motive that’s more neutrally constructive than emotions. Emotions … Continue reading


The ‘voice of warning’ delivered life to safety. However, this ‘voice of warning’ does not deliver life to growth.

„The strongest, loudest, most compelling voice in any room, in any situation, is always the ‘voice of warning’. The ‘voice of warning’ requires little vetting to be respected, requires the … Continue reading


Suffering is a compass that guides you toward joy, ease, knowing and liberation.

„The beauty of suffering – told by every great master – is that it gives you a gauge, a compass on the dashboard of your life to guide you toward … Continue reading


Tune in to your higher self each day. Turn on the pineal gland and use the sunlight to lighten your life.

„Light is found in two forms: waves and particles. Waves are what we see and particles (photons) are invisible, but we can use them. There are photons of light throughout … Continue reading


The angels in your life will encourage your boldest imagination and inspire the strength you require to believe in it.

„Angels and guides ride amongst the waves in the ocean of love – a calm courage in a space that’s always chaotic. Quantum Physics says this chaos initiates material reality, … Continue reading


Your open heart is the safest place you can live.

„Just as the eyes and ears receive optical and auditory information and relay it to the brain, your heart is the sensory relay that receives the information of love from … Continue reading


Gather together. Build the sanctuaries that invite everyone.

„The decisions you make to run and govern your life  come from the five senses you experience as your reality – both actual and virtual, physical events and virtual thoughts. … Continue reading


Make a path for your consciousness to be tangible, relatable, actionable and reliable with goodness.

„There are vast portions of existence that take place beyond and/or deeper within the dimensions that are available to the senses you are sensing with. Every night, when you go … Continue reading


Life is perfectly aligned at the core, and then becomes out of balance to accommodate the points of expression.

  „When humans stand on two legs, they recognize the perfectly balanced universe – something that can be counted on to engender trust. These are the lessons humans learn by … Continue reading


“To live outside the law you must be honest.” Honor the laws of nature regardless of their adherence to the laws of human nature. Lift all those around you because you can.

„Time is topography – the inclinations of space measured from random points of perception. Empathic intuition steps outside this momentum and into the actual moment, undisturbed by the compelling social … Continue reading


Your heartstring is born to discover. When it is touched, it resonates in a way that knows truth.

„For most of life, in most of the population, the brain’s thoughts are just copies of copies – ricochets within patterns that reflect old memories, or fearful anticipations, with known … Continue reading


You must strongly connect to that which has been built into the Multiverse to assist your soul.

„It’s come to this time of times when – in real life terms – you must strongly connect to that which has been built into the Multiverse to assist your … Continue reading


Empaths discover how everyone fits together no matter what the unique and individual natures are.

„Empaths are arriving on Earth through their incarnations. You are one of these beautiful creatures who has come to relieve the pressures being applied by the overwhelming numbers of sociopaths … Continue reading


Know love will prevail, even when it appears to be failing.

„Sparks of both love and hate turn woods of space into firebrands blazing trails through time. As the trail turns to ashes, the rains of a loving response creates energy … Continue reading


The ability to sense the historical essence of any situation.

  “There’s a trace left still echoing from every event – from every vibration, and every presence in its every location. This is like the phenomenon of the faint pheromones … Continue reading

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