My mind is my shelter


Destiny is what you make of something. Fate is what you accept.

“Even the red blood cells have desire. Everything that is alive has desire. Life is the parallel track to matter, and when life enters matter there’s a living event. Destiny … Continue reading


When there’s potential and no clear action, potential appears adversarial. Embrace the winds of your life.

“The wind is a great example of potential, and potential can be a great friend, but also an adversary. When there’s potential and no clear action, potential appears adversarial – … Continue reading


Though the road to your success is not the easiest one, nevertheless it’s your road. Travel forward.

„Allowing a day to begin without preparation, clarity and focus is like allowing the random circumstances of life to control the path of your life. Alternately, having some form of … Continue reading


Don’t try to fit in – you always fit perfectly in you.

“Don’t sit down and block the road of life. Whenever life enters a period of dynamic growth, there will always be a complete lack of familiar patterns. With this lack … Continue reading


Discover the solutions that are waiting in the midst of your passions. You will be thought of as weird – be good with this.

“Dreams are always personal, but they are rarely logical. Humans are humorous when relating to the obscure angles of their friend’s dreams – everyone becomes an instant expert. Memory is … Continue reading


Enjoy your sacredness, but don’t shelter it.

“The force that allows sacredness to become pertinent and applicable to this world of three and four dimensions comes in the form of courageous commitment. Sacredness is always sacred, but … Continue reading


The heart has the ability to capture the essence beyond the danger of a moment.

  „All relationships have incredibly powerful meaning and opportunity – especially when you stop looking at them through the eyes of “normal.” The eyes of “normal” are the eyes that … Continue reading


“If your presence does not move a person, your words certainly won’t.”

„A mystic’s dynamic silence: the ability to express the deepest wisdom without words. It’s a holistic way of being a masterful presence, a path to follow where you clearly walk … Continue reading


Every challenge is placed in your web to strengthen it.

„The web of a spider is like the structure of an awakened human’s life: precise, gentle, dramatically strong, and patterned with highly geometric symbology – the abode of unusually accurate … Continue reading


Intuition is intimacy with your senses.

„Intuition – the exact knowing of a moment – begins functioning when you accept that you don’t know what you know. For it is then that you allow the information … Continue reading


These times are abusive to the body, the emotions and the mind – the only healing is found in your heart.

„In order to make a strong move in the material world, you either have to believe in it, be inspired by it, be tricked into moving it, or be forced … Continue reading


Intuition leaves no emotional trail and arrives with no emotional attachment.

„People are always curious about how to know if what they’re sensing is intuition or just an emotional charge. The answer is usually quite simple: intuition leaves no emotional trail … Continue reading


Commit to a daily process that convinces you of who you truly are in practical terms. Be bold and don’t ever fold.

„Space-time (commonly referred to as ‘reality’) is perceived remarkably different by different observers. With all their different ‘velocities’, those unique perceptions produce opinions, conclusions, decisions, and ultimately the supporting thoughts … Continue reading


Make it a priority each day to find the fertilizer in your nasty moments. Plant seeds with your presence. Remain united with the true value of your ideals and your ideas.

“Value is what you must live ‘as’ in each moment, it’s not what you live for. Value is presence. Storing value for the future moments must never replace the valued … Continue reading


Find the peaceful opening in each dangerous moment. Discover the intuition of your higher human nature and experience life beyond the noise of violence.

„Conflicts between ancient survival instincts and the higher human nature are in a mythic battle on Earth right now. Ancient instincts were built for protection through the ages. Your higher … Continue reading


If stars don’t destroy each other with their mergers, human differences can certainly coexist.

„The ‘Hubble Space Telescope’ has recently picked up stunning images of two galaxies merging and forming a new giant elliptical mega-galaxy. It seems – when examining data from ancient micro-wave … Continue reading


Make life new with inspiration. Life has a natural sense of security.

“Every moment is experienced in the microcosm of your breathing. Every breath is completely new, every moment is completely reborn within the breath. Inspiration means ‘in-spirit’ – it’s rebirthing into … Continue reading


Enthusiasm opens faith and intuition. The advantage of faith over any challenge.

„Enthusiasm – often associated with youth, at times connected to irresponsibility, then, experienced as overpowering, disruptive, or out of place in social settings. For this reason, there are cultures of … Continue reading


By believing in your heart, become a master of life.

„Just as the early usage of fire for cooking increased the size of the pre-human brain, the development of ‘new-fire’ is increasing the size of your newest brain, contained in … Continue reading


Untangle the excessive strands of fear that have woven themselves into your days.

„There’s a strand of fear that weaves through every life in the fabric of space and time – ever present, even today. It can keep you clear, yet not fearful. … Continue reading


Where little children are often afraid of the dark, spiritual seekers are often afraid of too much light. Embrace the ‘you’ beyond familiarity.

„There’s an unusual evolutionary flaw amongst humans that Yogi Bhajan addressed once when he said: “Everyone grows old, very few ever grow up.” We’re very much like little children, but … Continue reading


Every emotion is a direction on the map of your life. The most effective response to this guidance is gratitude – an emotional opening to all solutions.

“The Buddha would say: “Discomfort is my friend, for when I sit with it long enough, it will naturally turn into joy.” In fact, sitting with any emotion, or sensation … Continue reading


Intuition and deflection, instead of protection.

„In the depth of love, your inclination is to abandon every need for safety, every mechanism of security that you have. You’re now open to “incidents” (sometimes called accidents) that … Continue reading


Use the heart-brain to elevate rather than the head-brain to evaluate. Step into your authenticity and strive to elevate yourself and others.

„Take note of the people around you, experience those who are evolutionary leaders in their families. Like you, these kindred spirits have incarnated in so many ways over aeons. Family, … Continue reading


The curious and non-conforming children who are beyond any repressive control

„Behind all the calculations, calibrations and measurements, there’s an art to science. It’s this art inside science that leads to the discoveries on the edges; that create curiosity producing speculation, … Continue reading


Being right is a collective excellence, rather than an individual superiority.

„In 1817 there were a billion people on this Earth; in 1917 there were one and a half billion people; now in 2017 there are seven and a half billion, … Continue reading


Survival of the fittest is an unnatural domesticated trait.

„Dogs may be the social butterflies when at play in a dog-park, but their wilder relatives (the wolves, foxes and coyotes) are far more effective in working as teams. This … Continue reading


In today’s world there’s a fascination with lowest common denominators. This is a contagion.

„There are many levels of evolutionary development taking place in this one-room schoolhouse Earth. The only way to gather humanity around a common cause is to address each cause at … Continue reading


Difference – realm between preference and presence. It’s in this difference where the loneliness resides.

„There are millions of masters, messiahs, and prophets on Earth right now. You’re one among them, and yet, at times, you feel all alone. There’s a reason for this aloneness … Continue reading


The realm where all identity is surrendered, allowing a connection to the absolute freedom of infinity to take place.

„At the rim of each megaverse, where every Universe falls away behind the fabric of spacetime’s horizons, there all the dimensions dissolve and perceptions disappear. In this realm beyond mastery, … Continue reading

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