My mind is my shelter


Every emotion is a direction on the map of your life. The most effective response to this guidance is gratitude – an emotional opening to all solutions.

“The Buddha would say: “Discomfort is my friend, for when I sit with it long enough, it will naturally turn into joy.” In fact, sitting with any emotion, or sensation … Continue reading


Intuition and deflection, instead of protection.

„In the depth of love, your inclination is to abandon every need for safety, every mechanism of security that you have. You’re now open to “incidents” (sometimes called accidents) that … Continue reading


Use the heart-brain to elevate rather than the head-brain to evaluate. Step into your authenticity and strive to elevate yourself and others.

„Take note of the people around you, experience those who are evolutionary leaders in their families. Like you, these kindred spirits have incarnated in so many ways over aeons. Family, … Continue reading


The curious and non-conforming children who are beyond any repressive control

„Behind all the calculations, calibrations and measurements, there’s an art to science. It’s this art inside science that leads to the discoveries on the edges; that create curiosity producing speculation, … Continue reading


Being right is a collective excellence, rather than an individual superiority.

„In 1817 there were a billion people on this Earth; in 1917 there were one and a half billion people; now in 2017 there are seven and a half billion, … Continue reading


Survival of the fittest is an unnatural domesticated trait.

„Dogs may be the social butterflies when at play in a dog-park, but their wilder relatives (the wolves, foxes and coyotes) are far more effective in working as teams. This … Continue reading


In today’s world there’s a fascination with lowest common denominators. This is a contagion.

„There are many levels of evolutionary development taking place in this one-room schoolhouse Earth. The only way to gather humanity around a common cause is to address each cause at … Continue reading


Difference – realm between preference and presence. It’s in this difference where the loneliness resides.

„There are millions of masters, messiahs, and prophets on Earth right now. You’re one among them, and yet, at times, you feel all alone. There’s a reason for this aloneness … Continue reading


The realm where all identity is surrendered, allowing a connection to the absolute freedom of infinity to take place.

„At the rim of each megaverse, where every Universe falls away behind the fabric of spacetime’s horizons, there all the dimensions dissolve and perceptions disappear. In this realm beyond mastery, … Continue reading


In DNA there are invisible elements that hold new growth-buds, waiting to explode into unknown opportunities

  „In DNA there are invisible elements that hold new growth-buds. These wait to explode into unknown opportunities, far beyond the emotional charge and psychological limitations of your already known/experienced … Continue reading


Your doubts and blanks are equally important – do not to condemn either one.

„Teaching and learning are the introduction of unique information into the doubts of primal chaos, and the blank pages at the innocent surfaces. Every morning you awaken to the possibilities … Continue reading


When you’re vulnerable you’re intuitive. When you’re intuitive, you understand.

„When you experience the sensation of extreme and total safety and you’re in the presence of another person, you have the feeling that’s commonly interpreted as love for that other … Continue reading


Be more in touch with the order of harmony than you are with the orders of humanity.

„Nationalities, anthems and flags are not the nature of nature, but the unnatural measurements of human beings. A bird flies from one country to another without papers, or rules – … Continue reading


Waste zero energy on criticizing the game. Invent a skill set and raise the level of play so that a new game can be joined in by all.

„Today’s world is being played by a sleeping blindness – one that’s meandering through the woods of time without a clue as to how to achieve meaningful outcomes. “Leadership bodies” … Continue reading


To be alert is to be on edge. To be aware is to calmly see beyond the edge. Awareness, not alertness, delivers the necessary wisdom.

„Being alert and being aware are two entirely different systems. Alertness is the sympathetic nervous system of being on edge. Awareness, the parasympathetic system, is calmly able to see beyond … Continue reading


Ride your talent on the fields of your greatest purpose.

„Creative wakefulness is a ‘talent’ that awakens with an undeniable inspiration – it runs through your brain like ‘wild-horses’ on the boundaries of your thoughts. In order to create actuality … Continue reading


Everyone grows old, but very few people ever grow up.

„The Earthly human social structure is currently arranged as a random version of emotional bodies interacting and reacting to the sensations from other emotional bodies. This is not the interactive … Continue reading


Experience your emotions with the authenticity of expression. Live each moment unencumbered by any debris from the past.

„Studies by our good friend, the late Jonathon Lilly, demonstrated that Dolphins have the healthiest emotional body of any mammal. They will always be honest and authentic, completely exposing their … Continue reading


Surrendering to the winds of life will carry you to your fulfillment

„There’s a Dragonfly with an English common name of “wandering glider” and “globe skimmer” (referring to its migratory behavior) it’s the new insect migration record holder. It travels over 11,000 … Continue reading


The absolute forgiveness within nature – the forgiveness that allows the failures to learn, rather than experience guilt in failure.

„Making mistakes is a sign of growth, of trying something brand new, or so unusual that you don’t recognize it. There can never be growth without trying something new – … Continue reading


See yourself in all others. Discover the unique intelligence in all creatures.

„Objective studies have shown that wolves have over two thousand different howls, with the differences being in tone, pitch, intensity and fluctuation. Domesticated dogs have these same differences in their … Continue reading


The solutions are not in opposition. Rest – not wrestle – with your unanswered questions.

„Whatever you focus on in today’s world will be accelerated, expanded, emphasized and reemphasized within the quickening that’s taking place in this time of cosmic sublimation – the Universal redshift. … Continue reading


Make no decisions and draw no conclusions in the midst of this all, but counter the gravity with profound levity.

 „Totally eclipsing the Sun is a moment of remarkable adventure for the solar system and a moment of emotional adjustment for life within it. The most famous of all total … Continue reading


Emotionally rich in the absence of material accumulation. Nature has a resistance to the human concept of a single quality – this is natural evolution.

„When the industrialized world looks at those cultures thought to be poor, to have less in terms of capital resources – do they really have less, or is it just … Continue reading


Fuel a compassionate future

“Over the past three hundred years, human evolution on this Earth has become trapped in a carbon fuel deadlock. It started with whale oil, kerosene and coal – then oil, … Continue reading


You’ve come to Earth to make a difference, not make a living.

“You’ve come to Earth to make a difference, not make a living. Your visit here has been scheduled for thousands of lifetimes, exactly as it is. You’ve been all over … Continue reading


Your life is a gift of conscious awareness to be used for the benefit of all things

„The nineteenth century Indian scientist, Dr. Jagadish Chandra Bose, had a regret near the end of his life. This was because of the one patent he filed and received during … Continue reading


Dedicate yourself to living a healthy life. Economical health is not biological health.

„Synthesis is one method that derives medicines from the herbs that originally provide the healing properties. Synthesis is a laborious and exacting process that takes great amounts of time and … Continue reading


“Means to the ends must never be mean, or the end.” Plant alternative economies to demonstrate alternative prosperities.

„The current forms of capitalism are not created to succeed or grow within peaceful or healthy environments – peace and calm is “bad“ for business in this current form. This … Continue reading


You never lose the acknowledgment and awareness of universal balance

„Balance is one of the most vital sensations in the human experience of space. When time is added to this experience there’s an additional sense of balancing life’s work and … Continue reading

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