My mind is my shelter


When rooted in love, the Truth of our Divine nature is here.

„All things are inherently Divine in nature. They don’t always have to act from a conscious space to be an equal expression of the whole. And yet, the more self-realized … Continue reading


Nothing is against us. Everything is here to help us evolve to full capacity.

“In the new paradigm, a pursuit for the highest spiritual experience is exchanged in favour of the most honest spiritual experience. This means instead of perceiving anything as a roadblock … Continue reading


The Role of a Healer

“A healer is a human vessel that spirit uses to uplift, inspire, and transform the lives of awakening beings. A healer themselves are also on a journey of ever-increasing expansion, … Continue reading


Be willing to make time.

„As human beings, we only seem to make time to do the things we already do. The belief that newer things will be done, if given more time, is often … Continue reading


It’s not a matter of what happens, but how we choose to respond that determines our level of consciousness. Self-love is always the answer.

„It’s not a matter of what happens, but how we choose to respond that determines our level of consciousness. Whether able to act courageously in the face of despair, or … Continue reading


It’s in aloneness that the light of awareness points to the unity of all.

„Life is the ultimate vision quest that unfailingly does its job so well – bringing us home to the deepest truths in the Universe. We are always walking with ourselves … Continue reading


„Dear Fear, thank you for helping my love to become as unconditional as possible.”

„As an energetically-sensitive empath, I spent the majority of my childhood confusing my personal feelings with the experiences of others. It was common for me to believe I wasn’t liked … Continue reading


May your destiny be viewed not as a horizon of preferred circumstances, but as opportunities to act upon life’s most inspired choices.

„A Message to All Innocent Hearts, The difference between a lightworker and a victim has nothing to do with the situations faced, but how one responds to the circumstances at … Continue reading


Words can either be interpreted to help you feel good or perceived in a way that makes you feel bad.

„Any combination of words can either be interpreted to help you feel good or perceived in a way that makes you feel bad. The choice is always within your reach … Continue reading


The grace of your innocent nature is deferring the advancements of external success, until loving yourself becomes your highest priority.

„In the new paradigm, we do not become more productive and action-oriented by rushing through life, bullying ourselves, or intimidating our innocence into submission. Instead, we become more inspired, motivated, … Continue reading


The common stumbling block of the spiritual ego is withdrawing from experiences.

„Throughout the deeper aspects of spiritual evolution, the most unsuspecting attachment that binds a spiritual ego to the subtlety of conditioning is a tendency to be non-committal. In the beginning … Continue reading


True happiness is the solace and serenity of your natural state.

„Even though an emotional up may seem to provide glimpses of a more harmonious state of being, true happiness is not a high of any kind. While the need to … Continue reading


Your greatest healing remains your deepest surrender.

„True healing is not simply a matter of becoming symptom free by any means necessary – that would support beliefs in superstition by suggesting there is no higher purpose for … Continue reading


Give the wisdom of the Universe the gift of your time. It will transform you.

„The deepest insights that can be uncovered throughout a spiritual journey are not necessarily abstract or esoteric in nature. It merely requires your time, attention, and interest to allow its … Continue reading


Take the time to savor your journey and dare to choose well.

 „While so much of life is destined to be, such a truth cannot be oversimplified, as a way of overlooking or denying the fact that you play one of the … Continue reading


Blame is a tendency in ego to use other people as excuses for what we don’t know how to face, process, or heal.

„Blame is a tendency in ego to use other people as excuses for the aspects of our journey that we do not know how to face, process, or heal. When … Continue reading


Awakening is

“Awakening isn’t necessarily the end of adverse feelings. It is the end of feeling bad about your experiences, no matter how they seem to be. Awakening isn’t the end of … Continue reading


A healing journey is a spiritual rite of passage. Depression occurs at a pivotal stage of the healing journey.

„Throughout the course of our evolution, it is natural to be more rooted in emptiness, which is the natural state of the soul. As ego unravels to create space for … Continue reading


Anchor the light. The more peacefully we act, the more positive the change will be.

“You don’t have to hate in order to disagree. You don’t have to hate in order for your voice to be heard. Instead, the invitation of inspired action places the … Continue reading


Your level of consciousness determines the quality of your experiences

“Whatever we want from others becomes the gift we can offer to others. Whether your gifts are received, ignored, or refused — you are always the first one in line … Continue reading


Endless gifts of expansion when the decisions you make are inspired by your heart.

“Love is the fragrance of admiration lingering throughout experiences. Love is a gravitational force that brings us together to discover something deeper, even when we think there’s nothing left to … Continue reading


Awakening the Collective. Bring the truth of love into the beauty of life.

„While the election has captured much attention throughout the collective, in one way or another, it is important to examine the deeper energetic implications that such events have been orchestrated … Continue reading


When you love yourself, the Angel within you is given permission to awaken.

“A vibration isn’t determined by how much comfort or discomfort you feel. Vibration determines how often your life is witnessed through a lens of judgment or through the eyes of … Continue reading


Surrender your need to fight. Be inspired by what you are here to stand for.

“The ego either needs something to fight for or something to fight against. What if the reason why so much in the world appears the way it does is to … Continue reading


Your most authentic self is the living expression of your most natural and endearing qualities

“Whether viewing your life on a personal, professional, or spiritual level, the experience of ego can often feel like the journey of an actor who is always eager to find … Continue reading


Each moment has been created to ensure the arrival of your highest potential

„In ego, a moment of gratitude is offered in exchange for any degree of pleasure, and withheld whenever pleasure diminishes or becomes a sensation of pain. As the shell of … Continue reading


Blessing those who hurt even deeper than you do assists in expanding your awareness beyond the framework of one personality.

„Whether plagued with endless waves of intolerable suffering, overwhelmed by the misconduct of others, or merely not yet feeling the way you always hoped to be, each experience offers an … Continue reading


Align with the Light and the Will of the Universe.

“Stress isn’t what you feel based on how other people act. Stress is a clear reminder of whether in that moment you are in alignment with Divine Will or with … Continue reading


While there may not always be parts to heal, there will always be things to love.

“You can recognize each moment as an opportunity to spiritually evolve without judging it as a form of bypassing, or avoiding the intensity of how things feel. Many who identify … Continue reading

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