My mind is my shelter


Every emotion is a direction on the map of your life. The most effective response to this guidance is gratitude – an emotional opening to all solutions.

“The Buddha would say: “Discomfort is my friend, for when I sit with it long enough, it will naturally turn into joy.” In fact, sitting with any emotion, or sensation … Continue reading


Pâinea noastră cea de toate zilele dă-ne-o nouă astăzi.

Bunicul nu îmi mai vorbește de demult, dar nu am încetat niciodată să-l ascult. Vocea lui era așa o poveste încât, pe nesimțite, ajungeam să nu-i mai aud cuvintele. Îi … Continue reading


Intuition and deflection, instead of protection.

„In the depth of love, your inclination is to abandon every need for safety, every mechanism of security that you have. You’re now open to “incidents” (sometimes called accidents) that … Continue reading


Pierre și Luce – Romain Rolland

„Pierre se repezi în metro. Mulțime brutală și nerăbdătoare. În picioare, aproape de intrare, strivit într-o grămadă de trupuri omenești și respirând aerul greu care ieșea din gurile călătorilor, el … Continue reading


Jurnalul unui fotograf – Emanuel Tânjală

„Aveam 17 ani când am pus pentru prima dată mâna pe un aparat de fotografiat. Îl cumpărase tatăl meu de la un client care venea la el în prăvălie. Era … Continue reading


Calm is the Truth of You. To be inauthentic costs you energy that could be better spent on Truth.

„God said: The closer you come to Me, the closer you come to your Self. Come closer. I am the Door you open to show you the way to your … Continue reading


Use the heart-brain to elevate rather than the head-brain to evaluate. Step into your authenticity and strive to elevate yourself and others.

„Take note of the people around you, experience those who are evolutionary leaders in their families. Like you, these kindred spirits have incarnated in so many ways over aeons. Family, … Continue reading


A disruption of energy serves to bring more clarity. Bless it. All that you need is miraculously provided when you are in alignment with your inner being.

„A Disruption of Energy Serves to Bring More Clarity. Bless it. Most of the time I have received this card with more irritation than gratitude. Usually, this message comes at … Continue reading


The curious and non-conforming children who are beyond any repressive control

„Behind all the calculations, calibrations and measurements, there’s an art to science. It’s this art inside science that leads to the discoveries on the edges; that create curiosity producing speculation, … Continue reading


Being right is a collective excellence, rather than an individual superiority.

„In 1817 there were a billion people on this Earth; in 1917 there were one and a half billion people; now in 2017 there are seven and a half billion, … Continue reading


Survival of the fittest is an unnatural domesticated trait.

„Dogs may be the social butterflies when at play in a dog-park, but their wilder relatives (the wolves, foxes and coyotes) are far more effective in working as teams. This … Continue reading


In today’s world there’s a fascination with lowest common denominators. This is a contagion.

„There are many levels of evolutionary development taking place in this one-room schoolhouse Earth. The only way to gather humanity around a common cause is to address each cause at … Continue reading


Go to God first. Ask to know the truth clearly within yourself.

„Give yourself a fast from negative thoughts about yourself. Dear One, You are being asked to give yourself a fast from negative thoughts about who you think you are. Nothing … Continue reading


Expand the light and make it available for everyone, don’t worry about the dark.

„The amount of darkness, density, corruption, and criminality that is being exposed in the halls of government, film, music, in the US and internationally, is simply astounding.  While it has … Continue reading


Say who you are. Really say it, in your life and in your work. The world needs you. It isn’t easy, but it’s essential.

  “We want power because power is a great disguise.” “People all over the world spend countless hours every week being fed entertainment in the form of movies, TV shows, … Continue reading


A good director keeps the door open for new ideas

“What does a good director bring and what does a bad director bring?” “The good ones are hideously over-prepared: they know everything about the material, they know their own personal … Continue reading


Difference – realm between preference and presence. It’s in this difference where the loneliness resides.

„There are millions of masters, messiahs, and prophets on Earth right now. You’re one among them, and yet, at times, you feel all alone. There’s a reason for this aloneness … Continue reading


The realm where all identity is surrendered, allowing a connection to the absolute freedom of infinity to take place.

„At the rim of each megaverse, where every Universe falls away behind the fabric of spacetime’s horizons, there all the dimensions dissolve and perceptions disappear. In this realm beyond mastery, … Continue reading


In DNA there are invisible elements that hold new growth-buds, waiting to explode into unknown opportunities

  „In DNA there are invisible elements that hold new growth-buds. These wait to explode into unknown opportunities, far beyond the emotional charge and psychological limitations of your already known/experienced … Continue reading


Your doubts and blanks are equally important – do not to condemn either one.

„Teaching and learning are the introduction of unique information into the doubts of primal chaos, and the blank pages at the innocent surfaces. Every morning you awaken to the possibilities … Continue reading


By connecting with our intuition, we empower our lives to flow with greater ease.

“A Foreshadowing of the Return of the Divine Feminine In October (2017), we began to see the next level of awakening taking place in the hearts and minds of humanity. … Continue reading


Trust in yourself and trust in the Angelic energy working through you.

Trust in yourself and trust in the Angelic energy working through you. Many times I have found it easier to trust others more than myself. Much of it has to … Continue reading


Peter Camenzind – Hermann Hesse

„La început a fost mitul. Așa cum Dumnezeu a inspirat sufletele indienilor, grecilor și germanilor în căutarea unei forme de expresie, așa inspiră în fiecare nouă zi sufletele gingașe ale … Continue reading


Recunoștință – Oliver Sacks

  „Tatăl meu, care a trăit până la 94 de ani, spunea că cel de-al optulea deceniu al vieții sale a fost cel mai plăcut dintre toate. Simțea, cum simt … Continue reading


You are growing stronger every day in patterns of wholeness and truth.

“Accept that you are a Radiant Spirit of Light who is growing stronger every day in patterns of wholeness and truth. It seems to me that most of us are very … Continue reading


Each of you now holds that light in a new way.

„Greetings, dear ones. Welcome. Today I, Merlia, greet you to help you change during some of these massive shifts on your planet. You are carrying an energy that has never … Continue reading


Use your heart in new ways. Look at these steps backwards as loading the spring that can throw all humans forward.

„Greetings, dear ones. I am the Scientist of the Heart. I am happy to join you today. Humanity is in the midst of a major transition, What you may not … Continue reading


When you’re vulnerable you’re intuitive. When you’re intuitive, you understand.

„When you experience the sensation of extreme and total safety and you’re in the presence of another person, you have the feeling that’s commonly interpreted as love for that other … Continue reading


Be more in touch with the order of harmony than you are with the orders of humanity.

„Nationalities, anthems and flags are not the nature of nature, but the unnatural measurements of human beings. A bird flies from one country to another without papers, or rules – … Continue reading


Waste zero energy on criticizing the game. Invent a skill set and raise the level of play so that a new game can be joined in by all.

„Today’s world is being played by a sleeping blindness – one that’s meandering through the woods of time without a clue as to how to achieve meaningful outcomes. “Leadership bodies” … Continue reading

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